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Animal Madness :)

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Re-homes from the Past & Animals Helped Through the Rescue!

Please scroll through and have a read about all the Animals I have helped since I have been doing this. It shows it does make a difference in the end!!  I receive updates on all the animals at various points and always share them on our Facebook Page, please take a look by clicking on the link :) Thank you for Caring xx


Titch & Flick

Titch & Flick are 11 year old Bengal Brothers.  They arrived in the rescue on 18 December 2016.  Unfortunately, they weren't in the best of health.  Upon their arrival they had hardly any fur on their backs and were covered head to tail in scabs.  I could tell immediately this was fleas and I could see them on them.  I purchased some Broadline which is the best Flea, Worm and Tick treatment from my Vet and immediately treated them.  Over the next few days the cats had dreadful loose stools, like water.  I initially wondered if it was the whole stress of moving into the chalet and the change and increase of diet but I realised this was not the case. I booked them into the vets and they both had a thorough health check. Titch weighed 3kg and Flick 3.1kg so they were quite underweight.  I was given Panacur paste and Antibiotics which I administered over 3 days.  Still the stools were like water so we put them on a Vet Royal Canin Sensitive food, eventually their poo hardened!!

For more information please contact me 


I placed Nala on my page in February 2017 to help a lady i know well out who had fostered and tamed her.  We had lots of comments and shares but nothing concrete until 2 March 2017 when a lady called Donna contacted me saying they would love to home her! Two of the dogs I walk belong to Donna's Sister-in-law, Lisa (Lacey & Jarvis) so I knew this would be a wonderful home and she collected her on 4 March 2017 and I have since heard she has settled beautifully and even one of the other cats is already playing with her! She has landed on her paws ;)

Fudge & Fluff

Fluff and Fudge are 1 year old Female Rabbits.  Their owner needed to find them a new home as she did not have the time that they deserved.  I placed them on the page in January 2017.  A lady contacted me from a school asking if it would be possible to visit them with a view to adopting them at the school.  She met them and thought they would be a wonderful addition for the school and on 19 February 2017 she collected them.  I then attended the school on 20 February 2017 to do a talk to the children about the imortance of Rehoming from a rescue and care of animals.  I took along rescues MiMi the Chihuahua and Victor the tortoise and went amazingly and the children were wonderful! At the end of the talk the teacher bought the rabbits in for the children to meet and they were all so excited to have them! What a great outcome!

Fluffy & Nugget

Fluffy and Nugget arrived here 1 March 2015.  They were Mother and Daughter, Fluffy and Nugget. Fluffy was 3 years old and Nugget 2 years old.  I made them a large outdoor area by our back gate with a double hutch with door off.  They were so friendly and lovely and were here for quite some time! I longed to find them a home with access to a nice lawn garden and room to run and hop around with constant shelter.  A friend of mine in the village came round and loved them! She said she would love them as an addition to her garden.  On 6 January 2017 off they went and they have settled so well! I see them very often munching on the lawn its just wonderful!



Tinks is not a rescue of ours as such but I am including her as through us, her owner was able to keep her.

I was contacted by Jodie as she had tried various places to have her cat whilst she found somewhere to live and had become very worried she would have to home her which is something she really could not bare to do.   I said Tinks could go in our heated Chalet temporarily, we did not know how long it would take.

She arrived on 6 November 2016 and she settled well. She is a very loving cat and seemed relaxed in the chalet.  Jodie provided for her keep during the whole time she was here and finally good news she had found a home! On 16 December 2016 she went home back with all her family and Jodie sent me updates saying its like she never left them!


Gyspy was a previous rescue of ours from a few years back.  She had been fine with Rachel all this time but when one of the other cats died, Gypsy became very un-happy in all kinds of ways, mainly taking it out on the other cats that she had always lived with.  In the end Rachel decided it would be kinder for her if she found a home of her own where she was with just one other cat as Rachel has a multi cat household.  I placed her on my page and was contacted almost straight away by a lady who had lost her cat recently.  She visited Gypsy at Rachel's and loved her and on 11 December 2016 she went to her new home.

Kit-Kat & Snickers

I received a message from a lady who needed to re-home her two cats Brothers, Kit-Kat & Snickers.  I asked her to send photos and details and I placed them on my Facebook Page on 6 November 2016.  A week or so later I received a message from a lady very interested and I arranged with the current owner for her to go and visit them, she did and she loved them and took them home on 28 November 2016.  I have since had updates from her and she said they settled straight away and its as if they have always been there! Fantastic!


I received a message from a lady who needed to rehome her Bunny, Fluffy.  I asked her to forward me a photo and details and I placed him on my page on 18 November 2016.  A few days later Nina, a lady I have known through caring for her cats and also she homed to guinea pigs from us last year contacted me saying she felt sorry for him and would really like to meet him with a view to giving him a new home.  After she had been to meet him she told me she loved him and on 25 November 2016 she bought him home. He has a huge hutch and run outside and he will be neutered and once he is recovered Nina is going to get him a playmate!! Watch our Facebook Page for updates!


Trevor arrived in the rescue on 1 September 2016 due to marriage break up.  He came with another Dog,  Arlo, an 8 month old, male Chihuahua who we homed earlier and you can read about below.

We all fell so in love with Trevor and so wanted to keep him but we already have 3 resident dogs, one other rescue dog and we have dogs staying etc.  I decided that the very best home for Trevor would be with another dog or more and with someone who is home all or most of the time as he really hated being left.  I hung on in the hope of this perfect home and along it came!!! Sue met Trevor and of course instantly fell in love! Her little chihuahua loved him as well and on 5 November 2016 he went to his new furever home.  He lives on a small farm and has the run of this, he has his own arm chair in the house as well!! He is so happy and settled and Sue and her husband adore him :)


Due to reasons out of the owners control, Sweep, a 14 year old  black Persian who was originally rescued 10 years ago was looking for a loving new home. He arrived in our Chalet on 29 July 2016 and soon settled in there.  Although he seemed happy and healthy what Sweep really needed was a one to one home.

On 10 October 2016 Steve, who I know came to visit him and immediately fell in love! He returned the following day 11 October 2016 and took him home.  It is just Steve and Sweep so he gets full attention.  Steve has since said to me many times, thank you so much for filling my loneliness and giving me my friend, how wonderful!


Arlo arrived in the rescue on 1 September 2016 due to marriage break up.  He came with another Dog who is still with us, Trevor.  Arlo is an 8 month old, male Chihuahua.  I had a couple I knew who had expressed great interest in re-homing a Chihuahua prior to his arrival so I contacted them and they immediately said they would have him.  They are a lovely family with four children and where Arlo came from they had four children.  He has a huge Garden which is surrounded by lovely fields to walk and two cats for friends.  He left on 3 September 2016 and since then I have received messages and a brilliant video of him running as fast as he could around their garden, he looks so happy.

Dottie & Lottie

A lady who homed Jelly earlier in the year (see below), Debbie contacted me to say a friend of hers, sister had two 13 week old Kittens and really was not in a position to take proper care of them.  I said we would take them.  They arrived on 29 August 2016.  They were absolutely flea ridden and had worms.  I flea treated them with Actyvil and Wormed them with Milbemax and I named them Dottie & Lottie.   Strangely a lady called Lynda who has supported the rescue for a few years now, contacted me on the off chance to see if I had a Kitten!!  I told her about Dottie and Lottie and she put me in contact with Gail, who promptly came over the next day.  Her and her Daughter wanted one each!!  I trust Lynda completely so Gail and her Daughter adopted them and they both left of 31 August 2016, our quickest re-homes ever!!  I have been in contact with them both ever since and they have both settled, eating well and gaining weight and i have received photos and they look so healthy and happy!!

Molly, Polly, Millie and Tilley

I received a message from Sue, a lovely lady who has followed the page for sometime.   Last year they had taken on four ex battery hens and they lived at their allotment.  Sadly they were to lose this allotment and the Chooks would have nowhere to stay.  She absolutely loved them and did not want them going just anywhere so contacted us.  Luckily we had room for them and on 9 August 2016 they arrived.  They are absolutely gorgeous and they follow me everywhere.  With the life they led in the first year and moving around we are going to keep them here.   They have produced some beautiful eggs which we can sell to help with the vet bills!


Snowy arrived in the rescue on 26 October 2015 with her Mum Lola, who you can read about further down on this page.  We had her Spayed and Microchipped and originally she was homed with Lola on 1 November 2015.  Sadly she just did not settle.  Lola settled quickly and really well and got along with the other two cats already there which were a Ragdoll and Snowshoe.  After trying very hard she came back to us late December 2015.  Lola still remains very very happy.  After sometime I let Snowy out and she got along well with the other cats here, particularly Leo.  She started to visit my elderly next door neighbour, Dolcie.  They both fell in love with each other and she went to Dolcies more and more.   After an accident in July and having to be away from Snowy for a couple of weeks, Dolcie realised how much she missed Snowy and I can honestly tell you Snowy was lost without her!! So on 1 August 2016 Dolcie officially adopted Snowy :) We continue to support Dolcie with Cat meat and biscuits because to be honest, a lot of them nip to hers for a sneaky meal!!


Maxy arrived in the rescue on 4 May 2016.  He was almost 3 years old and a Chorkie (Chihuahua x Yorkshire Terrier).  He was Microchipped and Flea and Worm treated and we had him Neutered on 11 May 2016.  He was great with all the other dogs but he fell very quickly for Lola (see below)  He adored her and followed her everywhere, they were inseparable. 

 A lovely lady called Denise contacted me and I told her about both Lola and Maxy.  Her and her partner agreed they would be happy to adopt two and came over to meet them.  They totally loved them and on 24 June 2016 we waved goodbye to them both.  I have received updates since then and recently photos that showed how happy and settled they both are.  A wonderful ending :)


Lola, a year old Chihuahua was taken in by a fellow Rescuer in early February 2016.  She had worked hard with her as poor little Lola had never really spent time out of a crate!  Janet tried very hard to find her a loving home but had been let down a few times in various ways.  She had also fallen in love with her.  Sadly her husband has Hydrocephalus and is loosing his sight and kept tripping over her.  Janet did not really want to home her after all the previous so she contacted me and asked if I would find her a loving home. 

Lola arrived on 11 March 2016 and she fitted in here quickly.  She got on well with all the Dogs and Cats here and was an absolute joy.  When Maxy joined us on 4 May 2016 they both immediately fell in love and were inseparable.  I knew I could not split these two up, they had chosen one another and did absolutely everything together.  A lovely lady called Denise contacted me and I told her about both Lola and Maxy.  Her and her partner agreed they would be happy to adopt two and came over to meet them.  They totally loved them and on 24 June 2016 we waved goodbye to them both.  I have received updates since then and recently photos that showed how happy and settled they both are.  A wonderful ending :)


Tiny was one of Florence the Feral Cat's 
(below) three babies.  As mentioned in Florence's story I found them in a shed on 16 May 2016, trapped Florence and they remained in the Chalet until old enough to eat and use the litter tray.  Tiny went into Foster Care and at first was doing very well.  on 8 July 2016 I visited her to drop some food as I was going away that day for four days (a rarity for me).  I noticed that she was very tiny and seemed a bit thin.  I asked Fiona how she had been and she said she had, had the runs that morning but was eating fine.  I told her to keep an eye on her and upon my return I would take her back and see what I could do.  Very very sadly the next day 9 July 2016 Fiona found she had died in her sleep.  Sometimes at around 7 weeks Kittens get fading Kitten Syndrome, sadly it seemed we had lost her to this.  RIP beautiful one xx


Oreo is one of Florence the Feral Cat's (below) three babies.  As mentioned in Florence's story I found them in a shed on 16 May 2016, trapped Florence and they remained in the Chalet until old enough to eat and use the litter tray.  A lady who I have known a few years and who adopted a Kitten of us a few years back called Kevin, Jaqueline contacted me to see if she could come and visit the Kittens.  Her and her son totally fell in love with Oreo (they named him) and on 4 July 2016 they took him home.  Since then I have seen many many photos and updates on Jaqueline's Facebook page and he is so very very happy and spoilt and Kevin has also accepted him.  He is in no way Feral, he is cuddly and full of mischief and very loving.


Jelly is one of Florence the Feral Cat's 
(below) three babies.  As mentioned in Florence's story I found them in a shed on 16 May 2016, trapped Florence and they remained in the Chalet until old enough to eat and use the litter tray.  Debbie contacted me who i have known for over 25 years and was my best friend at School,  to see if she could come and visit the Jelly.  Her and her Daughter totally fell in love with her and on 26 June 2016 they took her home.  Since then I have received lots of updates and she is so very very happy and spoilt and she lives with another Kitten similar to her age.  She is in no way Feral, she is cuddly and full of mischief and very loving.


On 16 May 2016 I received a call from a lady saying a Feral Cat had given birth in her disused shed.  I went over at 8.30pm and found them, sadly Mum scarpered.  I climbed in and could see three tiny babies which I put inside the trap.  I set the trap near the shed to start with and sat in my car but by nearly dark time, she still was nowhere to be seen.  So I put the trap, with the Kittens inside the shed and hoped and prayed she would go in.  I could not stop thinking about them and at 11pm I went back over and to my utter relief Mum was in the trap and feeding them!  I bought them back to the Chalet here. Mum, who I had named Florence was very very Feral. She did not seem to be going near the kittens and after some hours I had to actually bottle feed each one, they were so hungry.  Afterwards I placed them right near her and left.  Thank goodness the next morning she was feeding them and continued to care for them beautifully from then.  Once they were old enough and weaned I separated the Kittens from her and had her Spayed and flea and worm treated and once recovered I released her back where she came from on 23 June 2016.  The lady continues to feed all the ferals that come to her garden.  Now to find homes for the three kittens!


Linford arrived in the rescue on 5 February 2016 along with two other Feral kittens featured below (Spitfire & Christie).  With me not having a lot of room here all three feral Kittens went into the chalet.  It was very difficult to try to tame them as a lot of time was needed to spend with them.  They were around 10 weeks old.  A wonderful lady called Keeley who had Fostered and tamed a Feral Kitten for us before said she would give one a go which was Spitfire.  Sadly I couldn't find anyone to Foster Linford.  I also then found out he was a she!! So renamed her Lindsey.  A wonderful couple, Duncan and Lorraine came over several times to visit Lindsey and help to tame her.  They did absolutely fantastic.  They offered to take her home and see how she settled with Duncan.  She left on 2 June 2016 and is now doing really well.  She is friendly and settled now and enjoying her life :)


Darcey arrived in the rescue on 30 April 2016.  Her previous owner could no longer support the cost of her and also did not have the time she deserved.  She was a 2 year old Chihuahua cross.  I had her Spayed and Microchipped on 9 May 2016 and then I flea and worm treated her.  She took a little while to come around as like most Chihuahua's, she was nervous.  She got along well with the other dogs and cats here.  A Nurse at Lida Vets had totally fallen in love with Darcey whilst she was in and after meeting her and hearing all about her other dogs and the life Darcey would have, she was perfect! Darcey went to live with them on 28 May 2016 and the photo is of her, Rose her new Mummy and her lovely boyfriend, Fernando xx


Mickey arrived in the rescue on 10 May 2016, he was named Buddy but, we already had a Buddy previously so we named him Mickey.  He was a 13 week old Yorkshire Terrier.  He was Vaccinated, Microchipped and Flea & Worm treated.  He was a typical Puppy, full on and all over the place.  On 17 May 2016 a family came to see me with their Yorkshire Terrier, Tilley.  I had met Tilly a few years back when I Microchipped her, since then her owner, Rachel had donated all kinds of brilliant items to the rescue.  I prayed everyone would love Mickey because I knew already this was the best home he could hope for.  They of course loved him and as you can see from the photo, so did Tilley!  He left on 20 May 2016 and settled well and is really really happy.  Updates on Facebook page as always :)


On Wednesday 25 June 2014 I received news a cat had gone through a ladies cat flap in Newmarket and was in quite a horrendous state with what looked and smelt like rotting flesh!  So she reported on the Newmarket Neighbourhood watch page and from there several people staked out the area to catch the cat.  I immediately offered to to foot the bill if the cat was caught as I was unable to help with catching at that time.  Finally on 27 June 2014 they caught the cat in a trap.  He was taken straight to Lida Vets, the poor thing stank the car and then the vets out.  He had a medical condition which had started from an infected abcess.  The flesh had completely been eaten away to the bone, the vet did not know how he had survived.  He was screened for Leukamia and FIV which he was given the all clear on.  He was then operated on and treated accordingly and also Neutered.  During this time he made several appearances in the local newspapers and became very well known.  We received £168.50 in donations through this which was amazing!  He was at the vets for 11 nights and finally came home to us.  He had to have his bandages changed ( always stylish) every three days at the vets and the wound squeezed and scrubbed.  By September 2014 he was all but healed.  I realised during our time spent together he was the most loving, intelligent, beautiful creature, so patient.  Eventually I let him out and for quite some time he got on well with the resident cats.  He would follow me everywhere and we both became very attached.  Unfortunately during the summer of 2015 Sardine became increasingly nasty to the male resident cats.  I guess after being a big tom all those years it doesn't leave you!  I tried all kinds of things with them but after he pinned pom down screaming for the 5th time I decided to put him in the chalet for a while.  During the Autumn of 2015 I let him out, things seemed ok and he became very very attached to Silas, a Feral Kitten we had.  This amazed us and I thought it would all be ok  but, slowly but surely he started to bully them again and became even nastier, probably protecting Silas, who didn't need protecting as he liked all the other cats and they him.  It was a horrible situation for us because he was such a gorgeous, loving soul with us and the dogs and Silas.  The resident cats started not coming back for food and I knew at this point I had to do something long term.   I made the heartbreaking decision to re home him.   It was cruel to keep him penned, although he never seemed bothered by it.  If I was to home him it was going to have to be the most best home ever!  Eventually in April 2016 a lady contacted me looking for a cat to catch mice in her barns.  I told her I did not have anything like that at present but we somehow got onto Sardine.  She told me about her home and where he would live and it actually sounded to perfect to be true!! A large house with one dog, huge garden and stables at the bottom surrounded by fields.  He would live in the house! I met Isabella and she fell in love with sardine straight away.  On 27 April 2016 he went to live with her.  I have heard many times since that he is getting on wonderfully.  He follows her absolutely everywhere like a little dog, he sleeps on their bed and is never far away.  Whilst I felt sad I also felt glad because Sardine now has so much more than he had here all to himself and will live there furever!


Marley is our 5th Ragdoll in the Rescue and he is 2 years old.  He is most definitely the biggest one I have seen.  He is beautiful and liked lots of love and reasurance on his arrival on 22 April 2016.  Also on this day a lovely lady, Debbie who donates to the rescue turned up with some much needed Cat biscuits.  I told her about Marley arriving.  She then contacted me and said her neighbour would love to come and meet him.  They both came and the lady, Tanya just adored him.  Debbie really would have liked him herself but she has cats already that have a cat flap and with this breed being an indoor one, it wasn't possible so to have him as a neighbour was the next best thing!! He left on 24 April 2016 and I have had many pictures and updates since and Debbie has been round for cuddles every night!!


At the beginning of February 2016 I was contacted by a lady Sam, who had been trying to trap 3 feral Kittens and the Mum.  They were located at Tesco in Saffron Walden and the lovely staff there had been feeding them and Mum and contacted Sam.  The problem was they had nowhere to go once they were trapped so I agreed for them to come here.  All 3 arrived in the rescue on 5 February 2016.   I estimated them to be 8-10 weeks which is a much harder age to tame.  So you may have read below that Spitfire went to foster and was tamed and eventually went to his new home.  The second I had in the house with me and the 3rd, Christie I tried my very hardest to get a foster home for to tame her but I just could not find one.  She was in a pen outdoors and of course myself and the volunteers spent as much time as possible with her but she just did not want to come around, sometimes they just don't.  In the end after having her spayed I decided on 20 April 2016 to let her out here. She had previously escaped and come back for food so I thought she would be OK, and I was right!! I have seen her so many times since and she spies on me when I am in the garden but she does not scarper until I get right near her.  I think, in time, just like Jingles and Socks she will come around and I will be able to pet her.  Do follow our Facebook Page for updates about her and all the others.


At the beginning of February 2016 I was contacted by a lady Sam, who had been trying to trap 3 feral Kittens and the Mum.  They were located at Tesco in Saffron Walden and the lovely staff there had been feeding them and Mum and contacted Sam.  The problem was they had nowhere to go once they were trapped so I agreed for them to come here.  All 3 arrived in the rescue on 5 February 2016.   I estimated them to be 8-10 weeks which is a much harder age to tame.  I contacted Keelie, a lady who had tamed a feral Kitten for us previously and she agreed to take one and she called him Spitfire!!  Over the weeks Keelie and her Son worked their magic and they bought him round.  He got along well with their Dog as well!

When I put him on the page for homing one of the ladies who had been feeding them at Tesco's gave me her friends contact details and they went along to meet him.  They obviously loved him and on 22 March 2016 he moved in.  I will update on the other two separately.  Another happy ending :)


So as you may have read previously, in 2015 Rosie the 3 year old Chihuahua x JRT came to us.  We had her Spayed and had decided to keep her here as she was happy. A close friend of mine was down for Christmas and she would often take Rosie home with her to her Mum's, where she was staying. It is literally just around the corner from me, a 30 second walk!  Keith & Lisa just fell in love and so did Rosie!! Every time I went round there with her she ran to Keith's lap, she absolutely adored him and he her.  They asked me if they could adopt her and after seeing how happy they all made each other I knew the answer.  She went to live with them on 23 January 2016.  She will be accompanying them to Festivals through the summer and is already thoroughly spoilt and the beauty is I get to see her lots!!


Minnie, a 4 year old Pomeranian x arrived in the rescue on 7 January 2016.  She was not doing well in her home and was peeing and pooing and hiding behind the sofa.  She had come from Gumtree originally.  She was blind in one eye. She immediately got along well with all the dogs here, particularly Rosie, who she would play with frequently but was very very timid although she warmed to me very quickly and settled very well.  She had a few  accidents in the house to begin with but that stopped and she really came along well.  

A lady contacted me through a mutual friend.  She was a lovely retired  lady with lots of time on her hands, a gentle nature and had one other little dog.  We met her here on the recreation ground and of course she fell in love straight away!!  

Janet was perfect for her and on 9 March 2016 she moved in and they have been happy ever since!!


Tigger is 6 years old and arrived in the rescue on 18 October 2015 very heavily pregnant.  Her owner was moving and sadly could not take her with her.  She gave birth to 5 beautiful Kittens and she cared for them brilliantly.  We had them all Flea & worm treated, Microchipped & vaccinated and found them loving, homechecked homes.

Tigger searched for her own home for sometime when Tracey contacted me.  Tracey & Heidi had adopted two Kittens from me way back in 2012 and very sadly one of them, Aslan was hit by a car in early 2015, as you can imagine they were both devastated but Una, Aslan's Sister also took it quite badly and missed her brother so much.

Tracey and Heidi came over to meet Tigger and fell in love with her and on 7 March 2016 she went to live with them.  We didn't know how she would settle and how Una would take to her but lets just say, she has fell right on her paws!! She is so happy and loved and we are all thrilled for all of them.


Loki is a 2 year old Boxer x Rottweiler and he is absolutely beautiful, he is also absolutely massive!!  He was an absolute joy to be around and really well behaved.  Sadly his owners had split and he had become too much for the lady with her young children and job.  He arrived in the rescue on 27 February 2016.  A friend of mine Janet bought him over to us on this day but on her way here she went to Football with her husband and they took Loki along with them.  A guy there immediately fell in love with him so, he and his wife came to visit Loki here.  They had had a staffie for 14 years and sadly 2 years previous he had died and they were all devastated.  They had recently looked after a friends dog and realised how much they missed having one, and there was Loki!! They really were the perfect match and on 6 March 2016 off he went to live with them.  I have since heard he is completely settled and loved and very very happy :)


On Boxing Day 2015 a lady bought a beautiful Alaskan Malamute to me as she had found it wandering the back roads of Moulton.  I immediately scanned him but very sadly, he was not Microchipped.  Over the next couple of weeks we made a Facebook page, contacted the local authorities and Dog Wardens, put up Posters and generally asked about everywhere but absolutely no one knew anything about this dog.  I had to get to know him from scratch so, we decided to call him Zeus which he seemed to respond to well.   We had him Neutered and a friend of the Nurse at the Vets fell in love with him so, on 25 January 2016 he joined Anna's family along with a Malamute cross called Timber.  

I have had many updates on him and he is doing wonderfully so it was a good ending for him.


Bob arrived with us 25 November 2015. He had quite a following on one of the pet sites in Haverhill. A lady had been feeding him for over a year, I heard about him back then. This winter he was struggling so, Kelly took our trap and managed to catch him! Well done Kelly. He went into one of our pens to be starved overnight and the next day he went to Lida Vets to be flea and worm treated, neutered and health checked also bloods were run for Felv and Fip which both thankfully came back negative.  His breathing was quite noisy which turned out to be Calicvirus - a Respitory Disease in cats, he was also treated for this.  One of his K9 teeth actually fell out and a few more were removed.
We then put him into one of our pens to recuperate. He spent 8 weeks here and although he had improved dramatically in appearance,  he just would not come around to us.  Three volunteers tried with him as well and one ended up with a nasty injury so, with the Vets, Kelly and myself we all decided it would be best to release Bob back where he had always lived his life and Kelly would continue to feed him.  He also had two shelters in two separate gardens, as I say he had quite a following! So he was released on 23 January 2016 and so far is doing great!!



Below are all the Kittens we have homed during 2015 which is currently 38 (it would have been 39 if we had not lost Tac at 6 weeks old to a virus).  Some are reserved but still with us so I will only add them to this gallery once they have left us! A lot of them obviously looked a lot older than some of the photos when they left.  I love each and every one of them and can tell you who they are in a heartbeat.  We know where they all are and will update our Facebook Page often with update photos so do like the page and follow us. Thank you for your support x


Lady, or Maisie as she is now known arrived in the rescue 15 November 2015 and went into Foster care. During this time she was Flea and Worm treated, Microchipped, Vaccinated and Spayed.  Her Fosterer, Deedee  worked very very hard with her until she was sure she was ready for her new furever home. 
She had been through so much in her life so we knew it would have to be the perfect home, which we found. After meetings and visits Lady went home furever on 21 December 2015.  We have since had updates and she has settled wonderfully.  

Rosie (now Wosie Woo!)

Rosie arrived in the rescue on 25 November 2015 after she had shown aggression to the young children in the house several times.  She is a Chihuahua x JRT.  

When she arrived she was right in the middle of her season.  She settled in really well and it was almost as if she had been here all along.  All my Dogs, George the Labrador, Barney the JRT and Bella the tiny Chihuahua loved her and she them! She liked the cats as well.  She loved my Son, Hadleigh, he is almost 11 now and obviously very well trained in how to approach dogs etc.

I started to assess her to get to know her ways and found her really responsive and well behaved, she had certainly been trained well and had lots of love in her life.  My Son and I just fell in love with her!  I tried very hard to persuade myself to find her a loving home but I  just couldn't! So on 15 December 2015 I made the decision that we are keeping her!

She is adorable and you can see her antics and others on our Facebook Page

Brandy & Bailey

Brandy & Bailey were born here in the rescue along with Sherry (below) and Snowball who is with her Mum for company.  They were born 18 October 2015 in a matter of seconds! I had Mum, Barley in the house as I knew it was imminent. I kept checking and then all of a sudden they were there! Four of the cutest little things I'd seen! They are like little tiny hamsters. They are fully formed and run around! I have thoroughly enjoyed them for 6 weeks. These two have been adopted by a lovely couple I have gotton to know through caring for their cats.  I just know they are going to be thoroughly spoilt and cared for.  They left on 29 November 2015.


Sherry was born in the rescue on 17 November 2015 to Barley,  along with 3 other siblings, Bailey, Brandy & Snowball.  The two boys, Bailey and Brandy are still on the re-homes at present tab looking for their furever loving home!

Sherry went to live with another male Neutered Guinea Pig on 23 November 2015 as he had recently lost his friend.  I have had updates since and they are getting along very well! There is a video of them on the Facebook Page.  Really pleased for this pretty little fella!


Marco was placed on our page needing a home during November 2015. His family had moved abroad and hadn't managed to find anywhere to take him so, another lady was feeding him.  A lady I know asked me if I could help so, on the page he went.
A lovely family contacted us within a day and we put them both in touch and they arranged to go and meet him and of course, immediately fell in love! We flea and worm treated him and off he went to his new family whom have since had him neutered etc, the photo is of him happy in his new home!!
Another great ending :)


Lily arrived in the Rescue on 6 August 2015, heavily pregnant as her owner had become homeless.  She also had her 17 week old Son with her, Kush, who we had Neutered, Microchipped, Vaccinated, Flea and worm treated and then found a lovely home for him along with a Feral that had been tamed called Paddy!

On 11 August she went into labour and had 3 Kittens, Sadly one died.  Everything seemed all fine and then on 13 August she gave birth to another two! Sadly one of those died so this left her with three kittens, Tilly, Tom and Tiny.  She bought them up beautifully and we had them Microchipped, Vaccinated, Flea and Worm treated and found them loving homes.

We contacted Lily's previous owner to see if she was in a better position to take Lily back. At that time she wasn't.  We had her Spayed, Microchipped, Flea and worm treated. 

Her previous owners then contacted me again to say that her Father could have Lily so she would still be in the family! So on 31 October 2015, Trish took her over and did a homecheck and made sure everything was in place.  She has settled well :)


Mojo arrived in the Rescue on 2 October 2015 and is part of a small group of cats we have helped.  She arrived with another cat called Tigger who has given birth to 5 Kittens.  Mojo started to bleed a couple of days after she arrived. At first I thought maybe she was in early labour as she had a tiny pod tummy.  When nothing happened and she continued to spot bleed I took her to Lida Vets. It turned out she was terminating an early pregnany!! We quickly had her spayed. Had we not have noticed we may well have lost her!  She recovered well and is an adorable, loving soul.

On 2 November 2015 a lovely couple, Albi and Heather came to visit her. They have a 21 year old cat and they absolutely loved Mojo! So we Microchipped, Flea and worm treated her and on 5 November 2015 she went home!! 


I received a message from a lady needing to re home Holly in October.  The lady had tried many rescues and of course they are all full. So I placed her on my page.  

On November 1st a lady who I have met through the page and has also fostered a Dog for us, Emma, contacted us to see if she was still available, which she was.  I put her in touch with the owner and she arranged to go and meet her, she loved her.  She then took her own Dog, Humphrey over to meet her and they all got on really well! So on 12 November 2015 Holly went to her new home through our Facebook page :)

I have since spoken to Emma and Holly has settled really well.


Lola arrived in the rescue 26 October 2015 along with her sister, Snowy.  I knew Lola from when I Microchipped her back in July 2013.  We had Snowy spayed and Microchipped and Lola was already done. 

They were originally homed together on 1 November 2015 to a family with a home with two other indoor cats. Lola settled immediately but sadly Snowy didn't so she is now back with us.  

Lola is thoroughly enjoying her new home, she is good friends with the other two cats and loves cuddles on the bed :)

Suki, Minnion & Shadow

On May 21 2015 I picked up 6 Adult Cats. Two had 4 Kittens each and one was heavily pregnant and one in early pregnancy. 3 of those cats were Suki, Minnion and Shadow. The other three were Itsy Bitsy, Sally and woundwart who you can read about below.  
The owner had been made homeless up in Dorset. The cats had had to travel in a crate in a van from there to Newmarket which is approx 5-6 hour drive.  No Rescues nearby here would help her so we did.  They all had their babies, were neutered, Microchipped, Flea and worm treated and Suki had several things such as Mastitis, Mouth infection, several teeth removed.  All 6 Cats bloomed and all 14 Kittens were found homes.  Suki was always going to go back to her owner as soon as she could find accommodation to take her, something we all know is almost impossible!! But eventually she did and on 24 October 2015 Suki was able to go home!! Over the time she had been here we realised how close Minnion was to Suki, far more than the others so we decided as she hadn't found a home the best thing was for her to go with Suki! Shadow then arrived back as things sadly had not worked out for him. They wanted him as an indoor cat and he did not seem to enjoy this so, all 3 went home together!! They all settled in really quickly and are doing great and their family are thrilled to have them home.


Woundwart is a 2 year old Female.  She arrived in the rescue on 21 May 2015 as part of a group of six, she was pregnant and gave birth to 3 Kittens. Sadly one died but the other two were fine and have now been homed.   We had Woundwart tested for FIP, FIV & Feline Aids which were all clear and she was spayed August 2015.  

She is special with her one eye.

She left for her new home on 18 October 2015 and she will be in the same village as me with a lady I know and her name is going to be Moon! Brilliant :)


Lemon is part of a group of cats we have been trying to help in Bury St Edmunds, some of which are Feral.  Cookie was her Mum and we had her spayed and released her the same day as we homed Lemon!  Lemon arrived in the rescue 9 September 2015 and she was very friendly and loving.  We had her Spayed & Flea Treated and I Microchipped her and it didn't take long at all for her to find a new home.   I took her to her there on 1 October 2015.  We have some other relations in the rescue at Present, one is due to be Spayed and one is pregnant, they are both friendly as well.


We collected Cookie on 29 June 2015 after we had agreed to help her the previous day.  The people had managed to contain her in a crate as she was Feral.  She was very heavily pregnant so we settled her into the pen and made her comfortable and waited.  On 3 July 2015 she delivered 5 beautiful Kittens safely and she looked after them beautifully.  All 5 were reserved before they were ready to go! Once they had all been homed we booked Cookie in for her Spay however, things did not go to plan! On Joanne's first attempt at catching her she quickly realised this was going to be no easy task and possibly may have to use the trap.  On second attempt Trish had a go, Cookie managed to swing around and bite her quite badly resulting in Medical treatment so I set the trap and would you believe, she was in within half hour!  She was Spayed and given a long lasting antibiotic and we released her back on the grounds on 1 October 2015 where she was.  She knew where she was straight away and once the house is sold the people are going to take her with them to be their mouser on their land :)


Rosie is a 4 year old Jack Russell x Patterdale. Her owners contacted me as they really needed to find her a new home.  We knew She was good around children as her present owner had 3.    
I collected Rosie for an assessment on 14 September 2015 to see how she would get along with our Dogs and how she reacted to cats and how she was in general.  She was brilliant. I introduced each dog to her one by one starting with George, then Barney then Bella. All went well. Obviously I was right there correcting them etc but they were great.  Next she came face to face with Sardine cat.  She didn't even want to look at him. As we got nearer Sardine gave her a swipe! She did nothing!  So she is good with Dogs and OK with Cats! 
Tanya and her family had shown a keen interest in Rosie from the moment I placed her on the page.  They had been looking for a little Rescue Dog to join them and Merlin and Sparrow, two gorgeous black labs that I walk and board here.
On 19 September 2015 I arranged to collect Rosie and drove her to Tanya's, I helped with the initial introductions but to be honest, it was as if she was already home!  She was great with both Dogs and brilliant with the 3 Kittens.  Well that was pretty much that! They had all fallen in love with her and decided to keep her.   No homecheck needed there!! I will be walking her along with Sparrow and Merlin so you will get plenty of updates on the Facebook Page and I cannot think of a better home for her.  Tanya is as mad as me for animals and she spends almost as much time at the vets as us!! Rosie has fallen right on her paws there!


Sven arrived in the Rescue on 9 April 2015 with her Brother Olaf, homed earlier this year (see below).  She was fostered by our Trish King and she had two beautiful babies, William & Katie now Jeremy and Harry (pictured above).  Once they were old enough to leave Sven was then Spayed and she stayed with Trish until 13 September 2015 when her new owners picked her up.  She will eventually move to America!!! We cannot wait to see the photo's of her living there!  Good Luck Sven!

Itsy-Bitsy & Sally

Eleven month old Itsy-Bitsy and three year old Sally are two of the six Dorset Dears we took in on 21 May 2015.  They were only meant to be here temporarily whilst they had all their kittens, were spayed etc and the owner found a new house but,  Sadly it didn't work out that way.  

We had them Neutered and Microchipped, Flea and Worm treated and on 11 September 2015 they went to their furever new home with Karen and family :) 

They have settled really well and the photo was taken of them on their first night there!! Another great outcome and we are so pleased they went together as they are Mother and Daugther.


Candy Rabbit was born in December 2014. He is the brother of Belle (homed earlier this year see below).  He has been with us ever since.  He is a lovely Rabbit, one of the nicest I have ever met.  A lady contacted me who had a spayed female looking for a friend. She came and met him and of course loved him!   We had him Neutered and we had had his vaccinations done earlier in the year and on 11 September she came and collected him! 

The photo is of the first ever meeting with her!! Going good so far :)


Skyler arrived in the Rescue on 26 June 2015.  She had literally just given birth to 5 Kittens! She was a brilliant Mother and her Kittens are now 8 weeks old and all have loving homes awaiting them.  

She is only approximately 1 years old and she is very pretty and affectionate and loves cuddles.  She is one of the most vocal cats we have had in the rescue.  We had her Spayed on 12 August 2015 and on the same day her new Mummy and Daddy collected her from the Vets and took her home.  I will miss her talking to me everytime I go out there!  But so thrilled she has the home she deserves.



Chance is a 2 year old Weimaraner and he will be 3 in November. He is a male and is neutered. He is vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated. He is wonderful with children and other dogs. He's afraid of cats. His personality is that he likes to be outside. He is wonderful off the leash. He loves people and being around people.
Lucky for Chance he did not have to come into the rescue. We placed him on our website and Facebook Page and shared him and a lovely lady called Carol contacted me. We arranged for them all to meet here at the Rescue and off they went over the field and came back very happy, the agreed to adopt him.
He went to his new home on 3 August 2015 and I have had updates to say he is doing very well and very happy! Chance gets his chance!!

Olaf & Sven arrived at the rescue on Thursday 9 April 2015. They are one year old Male & Female. They had been together all of their life and also been out so there was always a possibility Sven could be pregnant which she was!  she gave birth to two lovely Kittens which were homed and she is still looking for her furever home!
Olaf was neutered and we let him have free roam of the area and he came in every night and laid with Hadleigh and I or the Dogs! He was one of the most loving cats I have met!
He left for his new home with Victoria and family in July 2015 and he is now called Crumpet and very happy and spoilt :)


Lexi arrived in the Rescue 13 June 2015.  Sadly due to unforseen circumstances she was
 looking for a new furever home. She boarded with us last year and I can honestly say she is wonderful. She got along with all the Dogs, Cats and even Kittens. She was absolutely good as gold the whole time. She has been bought up around children as well.  She has several commands and is great off leash.

She is a 7 year old Staffie. Click this link to view her album on Facebook.
On 17 June I took Lexi to meet a new family.  I know the lady from school (not that many years ago!!) so I left Lexi with them for the day.  I then received a call from Mandy to say they absolutely adore her (why wouldn't they) and want to adopt her! I am absolutely so pleased for her! It is just what she deserves.  She has a Human Mummy, Daddy, Brother and Sister and Cat Friends :) Good for you Lexi, you were a pleasure to be with :)

Kai is our 25th Doggie Re-home.  He arrived at the Rescue on 28 April 2015. He is a 15
Month old Blue Gt Dane. He went straight from here into Foster Care but things did not work out as planned and he arrived back 30 April 2015. I have since assessed him, as we do with all rescues and I cannot fault him! He is great with all the Dogs here and any he meets, great with Cats, Children, people,  he really is a lovely boy. He is house trained and sleeps through the night with the other Dogs and also is fine to be left for a short time. Unfortunately, whilst Kai was in Foster he managed to split his tail, it is a common occurance for Danes and also Labradors and Greyhounds. We had been bandaging it up and he was on antibiotics but sadly on Monday 18 May 2015 he had it amputated. This will not affect this beautiful boy though!  He was also Neutered whilst he was under Anesthetic.  He is recovered well and on 30 May 2015 he had the stitches removed from both with a clean bill of health from Hannah at Lida Vets saying he is 'Good to go'.   On the same day Tina and her family came to meet him and absolutely fell in love with him.  I took him over on Saturday 6 June 2015 and he absolutely loved it straight away! He will be living with another Gt Dane called Butch, a Shih-tzu called Max and a cat!  He has a massive garden to play in and a lovely big house with their own Sofas!
 I am absolutely thrilled for him he so deserves it.

Bruce arrived at the rescue on 10 April 2015 and is an
approx 3/4 year old Beagle. He was in need of a loving new home due to his elderly owner being taken into hospital. He soon settled in here and was really  good with other Dogs, Cats and Children and did not show any interest in the other Animals here.  He showed no food or toy aggression. He was crate trained and can be left and was also clean in the house. 
He was Neutered on 28 April 2015 and also we found out he had Tonsilitus! So he was put on Antibiotics for that.  After he had recovered I had him Vaccinated before re-homing on Saturday 9th May 2015 to a lovely family who had visited him the Saturday before.  Bruce has settled in very well and being very spoilt which is absolutely what he deserves!

Amber arrived in the Rescue on 17 April 2015 and she was approximately 10 months old. She was taken in by a lady after she saw her advertised for free on Gum Tree. She did not however get along with her resident cat. We had her Spayed on Thursday 23 April 2015 which all went well and she has now recovered from.   Trish was Fostering her for us and her and her whole family fell in love!! So there she is staying :) Another great ending 

Lola arrived in the rescue on  21 April 2015. She is a 4.5 year old Bengal x. She is Spayed, Flea Treated, Wormed, Microchipped and Vaccinated and proved to be very brave and affectionate. 
Bengals in general are extremely intelligent cats who form strong bonds with their owners. They love to interact with their humans and are always found at the centre of any family activity. The Bengal's activity level is very high and they love to play, run and leap. They are great climbers and jumpers. They could at times be described as mischievous. Bengals are not a cat to be ignored. They sometimes demand a lot of attention so I needed to make sure her new owners had experience with the Breed.
Trish King our wonderful Volunteer spoke to some friends of hers who had had a Bengal previously and lost her to old age.  They came over to meet her and obviously fell in love straight away!! They came Saturday 25 April 2015 and collected her.  They are a lovely couple with a lovely Son and Finlay & Esters owner knows them also as they live not far from him :)
So far Lola has settled brilliantly!!


Three years ago a Rescue, Claws & Tails collected 4 New Zealand white Rabbits.  On their journey they stopped by here to give them exercise and water.  It was then we realised 1 was a Male. We agreed I would take the Male and the Rescue would continue on with the 3 Females.  This Male became Mr Cheveley and over the time he has become a great character and very famous!!!! All four of the Rabbits developed Snuffles (probably already had it)  So I never got Mr Cheveley neutered, not only that he quickly bonded with our Female Spayed resident Rabbit who at the time was called Sugar.  This Christmas 2014, Mr Cheveley escaped a couple of times, how we do not know as it is completely enclosed here.  The lady over the back from me bought him back on both occasions.  Poor Mrs Cheveley!! During February 2015, Zena (the lady who bought him back) contacted me to say she had gone to feed her Rabbit and there were babies!!!!  Imagine her Shock/Horror, and mine when she told me!! I felt ashamed of him! He must have gotten into the Rabbits run somehow whilst they were out, he is a Devil!! 

On Friday 13th February 2015, Mr Cheveley went for his Neuter!! I was so very very worried about him but after a worrying night, lots of rest and lovely food I put his wife back with him and once he had the all clear from the Vets, I let them back out where they live and they are really happy :)  

There were four babies in total.  Zena's friends have homed 2 and I had 2 which we named Belle & Candy. I had them Vaccinated for R(v)HD & Myxy and on 23 April 2015 Belle went to her new home with Kai and Katie :) The photo is of her in her new run ;)  Good luck Belle!


Jake arrived at the Rescue on 27 March 2015. He is a 3 year old Pomeranian. He had aggressive issues which after working with were not as bad as first thought. He also needed Neutering and Vaccinating. I was searching for a special home for him, preferably someone who knew the breed well. On 15 April 2015  I took him to Lida Vets for his Neuter Operation.  During the Pre Op Examination the Vet noticed he had a double canine, meaning his baby tooth had grown next to his adult tooth and with the Plaque build up they had joined together and the Gums were in-flammed.  We had the tooth removed during the Neuter Operation and also had him Microchipped whilst under.  He came around brilliantly from all of that.  The Nurse who I speak to quite a lot at Lida, Tasha, called me to tell me how he was doing and that she had fallen in love! Tasha already has a Pomeranian who is 12 years old!!  She also has some cats and chickens, all of which Jake is fine with. She took him home directly from the Vets to see how it all goes and so far, he is doing great!!!! Keep in touch with our Facebook page for updates on him!

Tiny Tee

Aww little Tiny Tee arrived at the Rescue on 12 March 2015. His owner was returning to the USA and could not take him, he was offered to a lady free of charge!!! Luckily this lady new a good friend of mine, Fiona and she immediately contacted me to see if I could take him, which of course, I did!

He is a 6 year old, Male Chihuahua. He is quite overweight so I put him on a diet and exercised him lots which, in the end he started to enjoy!!
He was OK with all the dogs here resident, rescue and boarders and was also great with the cats and fine with my 10 year old Son although, I would not have recommended him around children any younger.
On 6 April 2015 a lady who I have got to know very well through fostering Cats and also she is the lady who adopted Jasmine the female ginger Kitten and Cocoa her Mum (see below) came and collected Tiny! We had been chatting for a week or so about her taking him to hers as it was far quieter there than here.  Although he was absolutely fine here with us, it is a very busy, noisy place and he would take himself off to a quiet spot.  Jo and her family are very gentle, quiet natured humans and they only have three cats so I knew Tiny would be happier there being the only Dog.  On top of that this gave me more time to work with Jake,  (it is going well). When she collected Tiny,  I felt a lump in my throat because he was nervous and he kept looking at me with those huge eyes.  This is the point where I so wish I could tell them what was happening and they would understand! From the moment he arrived at Jo's house he was settled! He slept with Jo on the sofa the first night and then in the bedroom from the second!! He has been on many walks, meeting Dogs and Humans who have all made a fuss of him and he has lapped it up!  Jo works a few hours a week and her Mother in Law has him during this time so he has a Nana too who, has also fallen for him!
 Jo and all her family fell in love with him and have decided to adopt him forever!!!!  I am so pleased because I honestly cannot express how absolutely perfect this home is for him!!  I get to hear about him almost every day and I of course can be on hand for anything he might need which, to be fair, I don't think he will need anything more! He has fell on his little Paws!!


Ozzie arrived the evening  of 25 February 2015.   He is a 3 year old Labrador.

His Owners made the decision to re-home him as they could not give him what he needs due to several un-forseen family circumstances. They found him a home and they called me beforehand to get some advice and we discussed it on the telephone and it sounded perfect! His owners took him over, settled him in, homechecked etc and all seemed well! Sadly things did not work out and rather than upset him and the whole family again by going home again only to be re-homed again just was not fair on anyone so he came to the Rescue with us. I took him on as many of the Dog Walks as possible and generally got to know him and I could not fault him! He is great off the lead, his recall is brilliant, he loves a game of ball, he listens and his overall behaviour is brilliant.
When I put Ozzie up for re-homing the Response was incredible! I carefully selected a couple to come and meet him on 14 March 2015.  They took him out, spent time with him, asked all kinds of questions and I knew in my heart they were perfect for each other!!  Ozzie left for his new home on 20 March 2015.  His new home backs on to the Warren at Lakenheath, it is absolutely wonderful, vast land there and as a Child I used to take my Rabbit, Speedy up there on a lead whilst my Dad watched the Aircraft!   He will enjoy walking there everyday!


Polo arrived at the rescue on 1 February 2015.  He is an 8 month old Pomeranian x Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  The Dog where he was living just would not accept him.  The owners tried several things, some of which I had suggested but nothing would work.  The Owner found him a new home and drove him over, home checked etc but sadly after one week they said they could no longer have him, for reasons we do not know.  With the aggression shown consistently from the other Dog in the previous home it was unfair to send him back there again to leave again so I agreed to take him in.

At first Polo toileted in the house, in front of me which in a way made it easier to train him as I caught him in the act, shouted outside, opened the door and out he went.  He did not toilet in the house again but a couple of times he did in his crate but with routine, after just a few days this was no longer an issue!

Polo is a wonderful little Pup, he is full of energy and is over enthusiastic at times, which you expect from a Puppy!  He has been wonderful with all the dogs he has met whilst he has been here which is over 20 and not one ounce of aggression was shown in any situation with any dog.  He has been wonderful with the Cats, other animals and my 10 year old Son.  I really could not fault him!  On 23 February 2015 a lady contacted me with great interest in Polo.  She and her family home sounded ideal so we agreed a trial on the following Saturday to see how everything went but, she just could not wait and Polo left on 25 February 2015! 

Please do stay in touch on our Facebook Page which is updated daily,  to find out how he gets on!!


I was called on 9 October 2014 about a Cat that had taken residence in a ladies shed in Newmarket for sometime. She was having problems as she could not let her Dog out into the Garden! So I went and picked the Cat up.

The cat was pure white and female but sadly no Microchip! So we made posters and I shared her on Social Media but unbelievably no-one came forward for her.  She had spent time in our small Chalet and the weather was drawing in so I Microchipped her, had her health checked, Flead & wormed and placed her in Foster Care with my Trusted Friend Lillie.  We had named her Sophie but Lillie decided Fern suited her better.  She quickly settled in and started to enjoy going outside etc.  We placed her up for adoption and after quite sometime a lovely lady came to visit her.  She of course immediately fell in love with her.  Lillie went and homechecked her and she lives in a beautiful Cottage surrounded by fields, Lovely! Fern leaves for her new home on Friday 27 February 2015.  I will continue to update you all as with all our Rescues on our Facebook Page so you can all see  how she settles :)


Tabbatha aged approx 1.5 years old arrived at the Rescue in June 2014 along with 5 other Adult Cats and 6 kittens.  Over the year all the other Cats were homed but little Tabbatha remained!  She would not venture into the house which was a shame but she was quite happy in her Kennel outside with the other Cats.  We had her Neutered during the time she was here and she went from a very shy cat to a really loving cat and was always there no matter when you went out.

We finally found a wonderful home for Tabbatha on 30 January 2015 to a lovely lady called Diana who is the Mum of one of the Mum's at my Son's School! 

I have already had an update off Diana, she has settled really well and loves her new pink bed! She said she is very loving and has changed her name to Tansy, which is very pretty!!


Shaun arrived at the Rescue 16 January 2015. Animal Craziness was tagged in a post several times on Facebook and we agreed to take him in and give him the treatment he needed. Lillie spent hours with two different sets of clippers and managed to free quite a lot of the horrendous matts. His coat was so bad he could barely move! Eventually, once he could move, he decided he had had enough and gave Lillie a good bite :/ We can't blame the poor baby, goodness only knows where on earth he has been to get like this and how long!!!!
He was very very dirty and smelt awful. We had done as much as we could so he went off to Lida Vets  (20 January 2014) to be sedated and have the rest of the dreadful coat and matts removed and a well needed bath!!! He was also de flead and had his first set of Vaccinations. He was also sexed as a she!
He/she was a dear little thing!

On 21 January 2015 a lady came forward from Fordham who lost her white Persian in May 2014. He had gone missing after their other cat had sadly been hit by a car, they think he was looking for him. Shaun was found in Exning and there is a back road from Fordham to Exning with little housing. It's possible this could be her cat!!!
Thing is as you know Shaun has been confirmed as a female, her missing cat is a male, winston (Winnie). I looked so many times and I thought he was a boy but I also think I wanted him to be Winnie! Also Winnie had pins in his spine from a previous accident, I thought I could feel them? The only way to know for sure was to go back to the vets. Which we did on 27 January 2015 and guess what???????????
It's Winnie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He is a he, we had him x-rayed and he has pins in his spine and a crooked pelvis!!!!!
He went home 28 January 2015 after 8 months of being missing!!!!  You can only imagine how thrilled his owner is!! 
 In the photo below he is back re-united with his best pal of 13 Years!!! What a wonderful ending!!


                                                                                  Shelly & 2 Babies

Shelly arrived at the Rescue 27 September 2014 along with 2 baby boys.  We placed them on the Facebook Page and the 2 babies got a home almost straight away! Shelly remained with us right up until 26 December 2014 when my long time friend, Lillie homed her.
She is now an indoor Rabbit and is absolutely adorable. She is very friendly and loves cuddles with Maisie.  Please do visit the Facebook Page as you will see updates of her and other animals homed :) Pictured below in photo order is Shelly and the two baby boys.

Patsy & Eddy

These are two lovely baby Budgies who arrived with us on 25 November 2014 as unfortunately, they have French Molt, which means they are likely never to fly. Some of you may know I have already had Gudge here for some years with the same condition, read about it here >> http://beautyofbirds.com/frenchmolt.html
We have tried Budgies with French Molt in my friends beautiful Aviaries in the Village here but the they just sit in the bottom, on the floor so, they do better in a large Cage within the home.  They enjoy going outside in the summertime as well!  
They will remain here with us :)


Sharley the Labrador Retriever x arrived at the Rescue in October 2014 after her owners just could not give her the active life she craved.  
She was a lovely girl and thorougly enjoyed her time here with us and mixed wonderfully with the other Dog's!  She was only 9 months old when she arrived so still plenty of learning to do!
We found her a wonderful home with a friend of mine in November 2014 and she has settled really well and is very happy.  We get updates on her too!!


Bella the 3 year old Chihuahua came into the rescue in October 2014.  She has troubles holding her toilets! Still! although she is now doing better at it.  Bella has a massive overbite and so the Breeder did not want her and a lady took her on so she was not PTS! 

I immediately fell in love with Bella and of course wanted to work on the toilet issues.  She fitted in here perfect and continues to do well!

Basil & Parsley

On 13 August 2014 these lovely boys arrived!! They are 1.5 years old. Their owner is moving to the USA and they could not take them with them despite trying very hard!! They were devestated to have to leave them. They are very lovely friendly boys and they came with a beautiful cage and absolutely everything they needed.

They remained here with us until 23 September 2014 when they were homed to Lillie's friend.  We have since had updates and they are both doing very well :)

Chip & Dale

I had contact with a lady on 12 August 2014 who lives not far from me who takes in Rescue Guinea Pigs. She has just recently taken in several Adults, most of the females are pregnant or have given birth, some still born, some healthy. She currently has 11 babies. The Adults she is feeding up as they are very under weight with Mites and all kinds. 
I took 2 from her to help a little.  Dale was re-homed 21 September 2014 to Andy & Vanessa whom homed Bruce the Boxer (featured below). He settled well and little Chip still lives with us here at the Rescue!


Angel was found by a lovely Gentlemen here in the Village of Ashley. She was not in a very good state so he put her in his Shed with food, Water and a bed so she was safe. I went and collected her 24 August 2014. I realised quickly she was very sick. She had ulcers on her gums and when i felt her tummy i could feel all kinds of lumps :( So I called Josh Lida Lida Vets and met them down there (it was a Sunday). She was absolute Skin and Bone which straight away indicated to the vets it could be Kidney failure with her age as, it was clear she was an older cat. The ulcers on the Gums confirmed this. The growths were Lymphoma from her Kidneys so there really wasn't much hope for this beautiful lady. We scanned her and she was Chipped! We contacted the owners by leaving messages on the phone numbers and I visited the property several times.  I spent quite a bit of time with Angel, giving her love and talking to her, she just relaxed on the Vets table on a blanket.

Finally Angel's owners were located (they had been out for the day) and managed to get down to lida to spend time with her before it was time for her to go. I was so pleased they got there in time to spend that last little bit of time with her and see her to her end.  Angels owner came around a few days later with a lovely goody box for all the animals!! Thank you Cathy :)


Lexi the Sharpei was lucky enough we managed to home her from her home so she did not have to come into Rescue.  We placed her on our Facebook Page and after sometime a friend of mine shared her with a friend of hers.  Lexi's owner drove her up to meet the new owners and they immediately fell in love with her.

She gave them a week to get everything ready for her and make absolutely sure they were certain they could give her what she needed and the following weekend she drove her to her new home!

We have since received updates and she is doing very well!  


A lady contacted me in July 2014 to see if I could help a Feral cat who was covered in ticks, fleas had worms and was underweight. His name is Nifty. He was taken to my vets Josh Lida Lida Vets and treated for all that and had to have 6 teeth out and also castrated and is now back where he came from and visiting the lady! This spurred Nicola Collins to help us and she contacted Ridgeons who very kindly donated 4 Fence Panels and delivered a beautiful Stable Door kindly donated by Simon Barron from Jeld-Wen. Matt at Jewsons in Cambridge donated all of the Fence Posts and Nicola donated some cement :) Thank you so much guys!!


Jess the 5 year old Border Terrier x JRT  arrived at the Rescue in June 2014.  Jess had had a particularly difficult life. She had been hit by a car previously in the head which most definitely had an affect on her. She had fear aggression and was very nervous.  Over the few months we had her she came round brilliantly and lived alongside our Dogs.  We found a beautiful home for her in September 2014 and get regular updates via text and she is doing wondeful!.  She attends Agility and has had various different types of help and is really enjoying life with George and Martha!


Bruce the 2 year old Boxer came into the Rescue November 2013.  He was a gorgeous, bouncy boy and a special home was found for him in January 2014 with a lovely couple Andy and Vanessa.

I get regular updates on Bruce.  He settled very well with the other Family Dog and he enjoys long walks and also loves to run alongside his owners bike!

Adult Cats Re-homed 2014
During 2014 we Re-homed 17 Adult Cats altogether, some are featured a little way further down the page, 10 are featured below in order Sardine, Casper, Declan, Bertie, Percy, Smokey, Cocoa, Truffs, Baby & Sami.  All have settled well and I often update the Facebook Page with up to date photos of them :)

Kittens Re-homed 2014

During 2014 we re-homed 54 Kittens in total!!! This is why it has taken me so long to update this web page! So the following Kittens are pictured below, I have used all their original names they were given here although many of them have now changed. Albert, Diedrie, Doris, Jett, Bear, Blossom, Monty, Brian, Dennis, Norris, Timothy, Fred, Harriet, Bovril, Willow, Ernie, Ginge, Jasmine, Twinkle, Spook, Snap, Piper, Pepper, Marble, Biscuit, Tiger, Tia, Buddy, Bruno, Bella, Sunny, Bobby, Marmalade, Fuzz and Tommy Perhaps not in that order! I get updates of all the Kittens and post them whenever I get them onto our Facebook Page


Minnie arrived at the rescue on 21 May 2014 along with her sister Black Eyes (who is still available for re-homing see Re-Homes at Present page).  She is just over one years old. She was Spayed at the end of July and once she has the all clear from that she will have her Myxy jab. She was picked up from Lida Vets by Emma in August 2014 and taken home with her to live with her forever!!! Emma & Dave are owned by various furries and they are all rescues. These include Alex below and the gorgeous Boxer, Buster who I walk regularly so I am going to get to see her and get regular updates on her :)


You may remember Lucy, she came into the Rescue in June 2013 with another Ragdoll, George. They were re-homed together in March 2014 (see below) Sadly Lucy did not settle in her new home unlike George, who settled straight away.  They gave it a very good try for 4 months but she seemed stressed, she would fight the other cats and continuously lick her back to the point it became raw so, she arrived back with us in July 2014.  It was not very long before a lady I have known for over 25 years came to see us and fell in love with Lucy!! She went home and messaged me saying how she could not stop thinking about her. So as of August 2014, Lucy now lives with Lillie, her two daughters and the Fur family and has settled very very well and seems very happy :)

2 Baby Guinea Pigs

Awww on 27 June 2014, I got a call from a Lady I know who rescues Guinea Pigs. She was away and the person who was taking care of them called to say one of them had had babies and died :'( So I went up and collected them for her so I can make sure they are ok until she returns :) I have called Lida Vets and they said they basically are born and eat and drink straight away so at this age they should be fine but I need to weigh them each day to make sure they are gaining weight. Cute or what!!!
They have found their furever home where they will be spoilt with a huge hutch and are doing very very well :) ♥

Treehouse Babies - Conchita, Dexter, Tosh & Nancy

These babies were found in a ladies old dis-used Tree House in early June 2014. Two had already fallen out and so the lady had already removed the third one. The fourth one was underneath a dis-used Car. They were right near the main road so after some consideration we agreed to take the Kittens and set Trap for Mum! These were approx 4-5 weeks old so ideally I needed to catch Mum asap but unfortunately this didn't happen. As luck would have it within a few days I had a feeding mummy come into the rescue with her older babies and she fostered these four :)

All four were Re-homed July 2014 and are all very happy :)


I like to temporarily name all of the kittens in the rescue and this little one was called Roy although it soon changed to Hayleigh!  She was rehomed in July 2014and is now called Millie.  :)


Max has been with the rescue since May 2014 after he was being given away in a freeads advert by his owners who could no longer care for him.  He has been through such a lot in his life and is very weary of men because of this and can be rather vocal as a result.  He is a very loving boy who gets on well with all the other animals in the rescue, including the other dogs and the cats and is very gentle with the kittens!  It has been difficult to decide the very best for Max and his first placement did not work out but, I am so pleased that he has found the furever loving home that he deserves! He went to live with Sarah and her family and another gorgeous Pomeranian in July 2014!! Perfect xx


So here is a story that resembles what I deal with majority of the time!! This cat had been wandering around Red Lodge, Hundred Acre area for some time going through bins etc. In the end a lovely kind couple, Emma and Dave took him in in June 2014 . I went over to scan him and we were thrilled he had a Microchip!!! They called the people, I called the people, they went round there, I went round there, left my card and phone messages. Finally today Dave managed to get a response from his door. The cat was apparently lost over 2 years ago when it was being cared for by someone else, whilst the owner was a way working. He has since got 3 more cats now and has no room for him!!!!!! Poor Poor little boy!!!!! He had the most horrendous Flea related Dermititus that he would not leave alone, hence making a raw sore patch on his back. So, Dave and Emma took him to Lida Vets for me and got him sorted  and I paid the bill.  Dave and Emma fell in love with Alex whilst fostering him so in June 2014  they decided to keep him!  Lucky Alex! xxxx

Various Kittens

These babies came to me when the council asked for my help.  A lady had become overrun by her cats, none of them were neutered and kept breeding. 

There were nine adult cats (who were eventually homed), and 6 babies who all received care in the rescue and were homed June 2014


Above: Kevin!

Top Right: Fizz

Opposite: Todd


This little baby arrived 5 June 2014. She is around the 7 week mark at a guess. She is absolutely beautiful. She is Tabby with ginger legs and white markings. She is very lovely.
Her story isn't quite so lovely. A lady cleans a house for someone, last week this little kitten was in a crate with only straw on the bottom!! No bed, no litter tray and a dirty food bowl. The poor little mite was filthy. The lady made a makeshift litter tray, put litter in (which incredibly the people did have!) She made her a bed and put clean water and food in. When she arrived the following week  the crate was exactly the same as when she had left last week! Untouched! So obviously it was in a terrible state. She called the owner and urged her to allow her to take the Kitten, which thankfully she said yes!! Beautiful Jasmine has now settled into her furever home where she has her own cat tree to climb!


Summer arrived with us on 4 June 2014). She is a female, 7 week old Kitten. Her owners could no longer keep her for personal reasons. She is beautiful! She is mainly tabby looking but she has ginger in her too! She is beautifully natured as well :) She is now very happily selttled with Aline and her lovely family x

REHOMED July2014

Thomas & James aka Polly & Dolly! & 7 Kittens

Thomas and James came to the rescue on 30th March 2014 and it was soon apparent they were in a fact a Polly and a Dolly as they were both heavily pregnant! They were  set up in our cat chalet together and gave birth within days of each other to 7 beautiful kittens.  A lovely pair of mummies who helped take care of all the kittens together and were lucky to find a permanent home together at Someries Stud nearby after their spay operations.  :)  all of their kittens have now found their furever homes and Polly & Dolly were homed i July 2014.


Top Right: Ginger Harib-bo & brother Bear

Middle Right: Tameera

Bottom Right: Daisy

Top Far Right: Tabbatha

Bottom Far Right: Sausage



Bella will be a familiar face for many of our locals! Bella came to the rescue in May 2014 after her owners could not give her the time she needed  and  was with potential  new owners when she escaped their garden and went missing for a 8 whole days!!  After many many many (and many!) hours searching for Bella, and the help of hundreds of very kind locals Bella was finally found in a nearby stud, tired and hungry but considerably well after her ordeal (which we know involved a collision with a car!).  This little girl gave me a lot of worry and heartache but I would not give up on her and it was a very emotional reunion when she was found!  Her previous owners were so moved by the whole ordeal she has gone back to live with them :) 

To see the story see our Help Find Bella Facebook page!


Jack, the 7 month old Jack Russell Terrier x Wire Fox Terrier came into the Rescue in May 2014 and was a beautifully natured boy who really deserved a break and a great loving home of his own.   Jack was neutered, vaccinated, flea and wormed and microchipped by the rescue.  Jack’s new owner fell in love with him (how could you not?!) and he moved in on 17 May 2014!

 He is doing great in the 'perfect' home for him I just cannot tell you! He is living with another dog called Lillah and is now called Harpo! :)


This little bundle of joy arrived  8 April 2014.  The owners of 10 month old Georgie were moving and Pets at Home passed on my details and when I arrived home there she was!  She recovered fantastically from her Spay Operation and had her Myxy Jab and is now, since 15 May 2014 been side by side with (HOPEFULLY) her new forever boyfriend, he is a Neutered Male :)


I received a call Thursday 6 February 2014 about a loose Rabbit on the Cricket Field Road area of Newmarket, which had been about for around 2 weeks. I had 10 minutes spare on the Friday 7 February so thought I would take a look down there and I spotted it. I managed to corner and catch it!!  During her stay with us she had a good feed and a trip to the vets for a health check.  She had to have her fur shaved where it was matted and dirty and was treated for a slight infection in her eye.  No-one came forward to claim Fluffy so once she had recovered she had her vaccinations and her spay op. She is a lovely, healthy, very beautiful girl who since 11 May 2014 is being spoilt by her new owners!


Billy  arrived 27 April 2014. He is Beau's Brother, he is 4 months old.  This lucky boy found a new home on 1 May 2014 through the rescue and is now called Snowy. I know his new owners so I can get updates on how he is doing which, so far is very well!


Beau came into the rescue with his brother Billy (above) on the 27th April 2014. He is a beautiful very calm rabbit who loves cuddles.  His new owners since May 2014 are my Mum & Dad!! They absolutely adore him and he is now called Ben.  We originally thought he was a she!!

Bunny Foo Foo

Foo Foo was bought to us on 16 January 2014 after his owner could no longer take care of him.  He is approx 1 1/2 years old. He is beautiful! He likes cuddles and settled in his new house straight away and had some food :) He had a poorly eye so I have cleaned all the puss out and given him some Baytril. He is a little treasure. 

Sadly it was not meant to be for this lovely boy.  When we got him to the vets he had the most horrendous overgrown rear teeth, so bad they had grown to the eye sockets, hence the eye infection that would not shift!! He could have operations every 2 months with the remaining 1 month in pain.  We know that Rabbits do not do well under Anesthetic and considering all the options the Vet and I felt it kindest to have him PTS.  His Ashes will be scattered on the lake with other lost Animals at Suffolk Pet Crematoriom.

RIP little fella x


Victor is a Leopard Tortoise. He is approx 12 years old. He was kept in quite a small Vivarium along with another Tortoise. He lost one of his feet to a rat! He is a long term stay and has his very own house  and garden in the rescue!  He has the UVB Lamp and a Red one for night time.  You can follow his story by following our Facebook page!


Gizmo is a beautiful 2 year old male  who needed a new home when his owners had to move and  were not allowed pets.  He is a good mouse and rat catcher as he frequently bought these back to his previous owner! 

On 12 April 2014 he went to live with another rescue Cat at a stud in the village here at Ashley, where he gets lots of fuss from the workers and keep the mice under control!


This beautiful pair of Ragdoll cats came to the rescue on 25th October 2013 looking for their furever home.  They never warmed to the dogs at the rescue so I was delighted (but sad to see them go!) when they found a new owner who had experience of their breed. So off they went o 19 March 2014. They now have other Ragdoll company, and have a large Cat Tree and their owner will be home all day so they get to go in her studio with her :)

Alfie aka Mr Chumley

Alfie the one year old Border Terrier came to the rescue early Tuesday morning  4 February 2014.   Whilst he was with us he had his first haircut with Barkers Groomers  and his Flea, worm, vaccinations and Neutering . Alfie is a smashing little lad, great with all dogs, lovely with children and gets on with the cats here.  He went to his furever home on 14 March 2014 with a family I know so I still get to see him!  He is a very spoilt boy and is getting all the love and cuddles he deserves!


Oli the 7 month old  Jack Russell x Pincher found his new home through our Facebook page in February 2014.  He is now doing great and being a terrible terrier!

He is even featured i our 2015 Calendar!


Pugsley the 9 year old shih-szu x lhasa apso was rescued from a bad situation by a very kind lady and took good care of him.  Unfortunately Pugsley did not appreciate very young children and the lady could not keep him for this reason.  We were able to find him a lovely new home through our Facebook Page in January 2014 and hear that he has come on brilliantly!

He features in our 2015 Calendar!


This gorgeous 8 month old Puggle needed a new home with someone who could be home most of the day.  He needed lots of exercise and stimulation,  training and lots of cuddles. He found his furever home through our Facebook Page in February 2014 and settled in very well with a family in a nearby village :)

He features in our 2015 Calendar!


Luigi arrived on the 7th September 2012.  He was a very nervous boy and it took a long time to win his trust!  He was a long term stay  here at the rescue and spent that as an outdoor cat evading my attempts to catch him for his neutering!  I spotted him several times and was confident he was feeding from the food I keep in the shed.  Finally we caught him and once neutered he recovered well  and  found a new home on 8 February 2014! I am soooooooo pleased for him! He has a portacabin of his own and will have full run of a whole farm to himself!! There are straw barns to explore and plenty of mice to chase Good for you Luigi you so deserve it!!!!! xxxx 



Gizzy the 9 month old cocker spaniel came to the rescue on the 18th December 2013 as his owners older dog could not get used to Gizzy’s everlasting energy.  Gizzy spent a bit of time here with us and we had him Neutered and then on 6 January 2014 he went to his furever home where he has lots of space to run around and another spaniel to share it with!  I could not think of a more perfect home for him as he is a relative of a long term friend!


This 18 month old patterjack x needed a new home due to his owner being ill. He is a very loving little dog who found a new home through the rescue page on Facebook in December 2013 :)


Maggie came to the rescue with her daughter Muffin in September 2013 and gave birth unexpectedly in our cat chalet to baby Maisie!  We were shocked as we had no idea she was even pregnant!!  Maggie was then homed to a lovely lady I know along with her first daughter Muffin!


Maisie was  an unexpected kitten born in our Cat Chalet when her mummy Maggie was staying with us on 2nd September 2013!  Another kitten was sadly born dead but this little girl was very strong and healthy.  She had a health check, 1st Vaccinations and some Frontline Combi and went to her new home with Chunky, the first of the feral kittens I caught  on 10 December 2013 with Linda and her family :) 

We received an update and photo about her in January 2014 and she is doing great !


Muffin came to the rescue with her mum Maggie and stayed in our cat chalet.   Maggie, her Mum gave birth unexpectedly and little Muffin came into our house where she became a gorgeous, friendly , loving and wonderful girl.  Whilst staying with us she was spayed and received her worm and flea treatment and was then homed along with her Mummy with a lady I know :)


I received a call  on 16 November 2013 from a lady who had a kitten stuck under her Fridge Freezer. When I arrived there were four adult cats and 2 beautiful kittens in the garden, you could not get anywhere near them! They were feral.  I moved the Freezer out and took the 7-8 week old  kitten home and called him Chunky. During the following days I managed to catch the other cats and the two kittens! All of the adult ferals were neutered and the lady was happy to continue feeding them,  they will be happy and no more babies!

 Chunky went to a loving new home with Maisie, another kitten we had here and the other two, Sox and Mr Jingles  remain here with us  and are very slowly coming round :)


We picked Jacob up on 25 October 2013. A lady had contacted me some weeks before this as she had been feeding him for sometime since his owners had moved away and left him behind!. Whilst we were waiting for a space for him she let him sleep in her porch so that he was at least warm and dry. As soon as we had a space we contacted her and picked him up. We settled him into the small pen, with him being outside for sometime he was going to be ok in there as it is quite cosy. He really was a loving boy! I would guess he was approximately 4-5 year old, he was already neutered so we Flea and wormed him. On 30 October is going with Smokey (Below) to live at Dukes Stud in the Village where we live. I will take them down and set them up in their crates with all they need and will then visit them each day to feec, do litter tray etc until I think they are ready to come out. I will then visit every few days until I am happy they are happy and settled and then I will always make frequent visits. Good luck and I will update how they are going soon !


On 8 July 2013, fellow Animal Rescuer, Neil from SOS Dog Rescue contacted me to see if I could help Foster a Dog. I went over there and met Larry! He was very very cautious and wary of everyone and everything, in fact he growled at me on first meeting. This of course did not deter me. Neil wanted to completely assess Larry and make sure all was in order with him so on 18 July 2013 after he had worked his magic he bought Larry over. I was concerned about how he and our Fox Terrier, Barney would get along. I need not have worried, I could tell almost straight away they would be OK as they sniffed one another with no growling. George our lovely Labrador just sniffed him and walked off as if to say "Oh another one!" Larry fitted in straight away, he gets along with all the cats, the Dogs and he doesn't take a lot of notice of the Rabbits, Guineas, Chooks and Duck although, they are behind a fence!

We have become very attached to Larry and I am really unsure as to whether he was actually meant for us!! He loves going out for long walks with everyone. When you let him off the lead he races around the fields like a hare! He also has fabulous recall! The only two things that let Larry down are he yaps, a lot! mainly at the others when he is running and of course he is a Jack Russell x Chihuahua!! The second is he rolls in poo! But I'm sure we can deal with that :)


Lairy came into the Rescue on 29 June 2013.  She is 17 years old! She belongs to someone I knew sometime ago and he has had to leave his home and at present has nowhere for her to go so she will stay with us.  He has said to let her out almost straight away and she will stay, so we did and she did!  She loved climbing the tree out the front and would sit up there and wait for us to get home! She had a really low meow and would call when we got out of the car and I would have to go over and help her down.

Sadly on 7 December 2013 I found Lairy asleep in our Garden. I was devestated, not only myself but for her and her owner Brian.  I don't know what happened but I wonder if she had been hit by a car and made it back to the house although, I never once saw her cross the road.  I told Brian and we buried her here in our back Garden. RIP poor little lady xx


On 17 June 2013 Buddy a 16 month old JRT arrived with us. A lovely lady called Kathy had taken him in after his owner said he wanted to drown him! When he arrived he had a good look around and settled quite well. He seemed to like George & Barney which was a great start. I quickly realised Buddy was especially nervous around Men, the taller they were, the worse he was. Lets just say his previous owner had not been too kind to him. I knew a lady who had previously lost her beloved JRT and contacted her to tell her about Buddy. On 30 June 2013 Anne came over to meet Buddy. She cried when she first met him, to think what had happened to this beautiful boy. She took him off for a couple of hours. When she returned she said she would love to have him. She collected him on 1 July 2013. He had a brand new harness, lead, bed and toys but most of all he had a loving new owner and these two are really a match made in heaven. Because I know Anne I will see Buddy for the rest of his days which is a huge bonus for me. He attended our Fun Dog Show on 6 July 2013 at the Newmarket Carnival and got 2nd place in Best Rescue, What a clever, good boy Buddy I am so over the moon for you xx

3 Abandoned Kittens

On Saturday 22 June 2013 about 11pm I received a call from a lady who had found 3 Kittens in her local Pub Car Park! She had contacted the RSPCA whom suggested she left them where they were. The lady felt she couldn't just leave them and quite rightly so as they were very friendly although distressed. I drove over and we checked the whole area again for some sign of Mum or any others but nothing. I bought them home and put them in the Crate I had prepared for them. These Kittens were about 6-7 weeks old and all 3 female. When I put their food in they went mad! They shoved their little faces into it and ate like Dogs, it made my heart bleed to see how hungry they were but they were safe now. Over the next few days it became clear these Kittens had been loved! They loved cuddles and were very playful! A good friend of mine Donna who Rescues and Rehabilitates Wildlife said she would love one, I did not hesitate as I knew how much it would be loved, in the end she took two!! The remaining one was hilarious, if my young Son ran across the room fast she chased him, everywhere! Then I received a call from a lovely lady, Sherri. She is the very lucky owner of Razzle, the beautiful little Dog I look after sometimes. Sherri also has two other adult cats. I took him over and since she has had her, Razzle has taken her under his paw. He sits with her and washes her and plays with her. What a lovely ending for these three. Visit my Facebook Page for updates and photos on how they and all the other animals are doing.


A lady posted on a page associated with our village that she needed help to rehome a Guinea Pig. I immediately offered to take him for her as I always do! I met her on 22 May 2013 and picked Pip up. The problem was her dog had started to get quite nasty with him and she was worried about his welfare. Pip was adorable!! He had hair like me :) I put him in with my beautiful rabbit Peter, peter is very loving and soft hearted so I knew Pip would be safe with him and it is fine to feed Rabbits Guinea Pig food so he would receive the vitamins that Guinea Pig's require and it is fine for Rabbits to eat this. He settled really quickly, on one side of him he had the three brothers (see story below) and on the other side he had Tilley our other Guinea Pig who has been here for sometime. Then on 12 June 2013 I was contacted by a lady called Laura who was a friend of a very good friend of mine Sharon. Her and her family had just lost their male Guinea Pig leaving their other one lonely. On 15 June 2013 Laura and her lovely children came to meet Pip and loved him immediately and have taken him home, he is settling in well and is currently next to the other Guinea Pig using slow introduction, Watch out for updated photos of them together :)

Smokey & 5 Kittens

I received a message from a lady on 26 April 2013 concerning her relatives Cat & Kittens. The poor owner was very unwell and could not look after them. I arranged to pick them up on 28 April 2013. Off I went with two carriers, one for Mummy & one for the kittens as the Mum can squash them by accident during transit. I got them home and placed them in the crate I had gotton ready for them. There were 5 beautiful Kittens and the Mum was very placid and lovely. She immediately settled and fed them all herself. At this time they were just 3 weeks old and had just opened their eyes although one of them had a gunky eye and I had to keep bathing it until it was properly open. I wormed them with Panacur and continued to watch over them. At about 5 weeks old they started to show an interest in Mummy's food so I started to place more Kitten meat in with them. I had been feeding Smokey Kitten meat anyway as she was quite underweight. I found all five kittens a home quite a while before they were ready to leave, two were going together and the other three were joining different families. Lucky for me I knew all the people. They all came ever couple of weeks to visit them which was wonderful for them all. Then once they were 8 weeks old, fully weaned and using the litter tray it was time to let them all go. I gave them all their last wormers and firstly on 8 June 2013, Lorraine came and picked up Oakley. Lorraine already has a rescue cat called Archie. Archie loves him! He washes him and plays with him which is just wonderful for the both of them. On 10 June 2013 Daniel and Georgie came to pick up Bella. Daniel is the Brother of the owner of Ginger and George who were Carries Kittens (see below for Carries story). I knew she would be loved and have been sent lots of photos of her since and she looks very happy and is very loved. On 11 June 2013 Neil and his Daughter Maiya came and picked up Lu-Lu. Neil runs SOS Dog Rescue Suffolk branch. He recently lost his old cat to old age and his resident dogs loved her. I have since been to see Lu-Lu and she just looks so happy! Very very cute and naughty as a kitten should be and Maiya absolutely loves her. The last two kittens stayed with me another week because their new owners were having a holiday before they got them. On 16 June 2013 Rosa and Jason turned up to collect them. I have known Jason since I was very young and Rosa is just adorable, these were going to be her babies. She called them Chei and Ki-Ki. They are now happily settled and loved too. So, all five kittens are very happy and settled which is fabulous. So on 14 June 2013 I took Smokey down for her Spay operation. She went through with no problems and is now settling in her new home at Dukes Stud with Jacob.


I received a call on 21 Apri l2013 from a lady who needed to re-home her Dog. Her other dog and Milo were having serious issues with one another and with young children in the house she was very concerned. I placed Milo on my Facebook page and kept sharing about him. Then on 23 May 2013 a lady who had re-homed a dog through me previously (Shylo see below) contacted me asking if I knew of any dogs needing homes for a good friend of hers. I sent her Milo's link and the lady really liked him! I passed on the owners details and they arranged to meet and they loved him and he is now happily homed with them :)

Binky & Dinky

Binky & Dinky are a chick and Duckling. Firstly on 14 April 2013 I was contacted by a lady whose Son had found a Duckling, I went over and picked it up and realised it was only a matter of days old. I went and bought a lamp and set him up a little home within my house. A day later on 15 April 2013 a lady I knew contacted me saying she had a day old chick that had been laid in a Ducks nest (Ducks will kill chicks in their nests) she wondered if I would like it as company for the Duckling. I thought this might be a good idea as Ducklings are very hard to raise on their own from the wild. After a couple of days things were not working out with them together so I seperated them but so they could still see one another. They both thrived! I absolutely loved this little rescue, it was wonderful to watch them both grow and flourish. Dinky Duck turned out to be a female and I only have two very large rescue Drakes so on 26 May 2013, I contacted a friend of mine within the same village, who has 3 females. He agreed to take her and she is now very happily living with them. Binky turned out to be a Cockerill :/ I am unable to keep Cockerills where I live but! I found him a wonderful home. On 11 July 2013 I met Wendy and she took Binky! He will be living in Hartest with 4 lovely girlies all for him! Check our Facebook Page for updates on the little fella !

Three little Piggies!

These three beautiful piggies came to me on 16 February 2013. They were very well cared for but the owners just could not give them what they needed. They came in the beautiful cage they are in, in the photo but as with some pet shops, the owners were not given the correct care knowledge and had realised they were going to need more room and a run etc as well as cleaning at least twice per week. These three are incredibly friendly and you can tell they have been loved and well cared for and the previous owners just want a better life for them so this is my intention. For now they will remain in this cage until the weather improves when I will transfer them to a hutch outside with an adequate run. The temperature here needs to improve greatly before I can do this and I will do it slowly by putting them out just a few hours at a time and increasing bit by bit guaging the weather.

I would possibly consider re-homing these babies but, it would have to be a very special permanent home where I can visit them regularly and they will ALWAYS stay together.

They are coming up to one year old, they all get on wonderfully as they are from the same litter, so are 3 brothers Caramel, Chocolate & Fudge. They are very very tame and can be handled and hand fed. A true delight and addition to our managerie :)

Two Black Kittens

These two babies came to me in February 2013 after a lady could not find them loving homes and with her house already full of animals I said I would take them and do exactly that. They were only with me for a short time before i found them just that! They are now settled and happy :)


Jose - 5 Weeks Pregnant with 4 Kittens

Jose came to me on 29 October 2012 5 weeks Pregnant. I set her up comfortable in a crate with all she needed. She had been found as a stray and at first thought feral but I soon realised she was far from Feral, she was adorable and very loving and friendly. Over the next four weeks she became very attached to me and trusting and I often let her out for free rein in the bedrooms. Then finally on 24 November 2012 she gave birth to four beautiful kittens. Two males, one black & white one grey & white and two females one tortie and one white with a tortie tail. They were all healthy and beautiful. She was an amazing Mummy, she washed and cared for them for the whole of the following 9 weeks. Having this opportunity to witness the birth and growth of these four babies and Mum was an absolute pleasure. On 21 January 2013 I took all four Kittens and Jose for a check up at the vets and their first vaccinations, photos of this visit can be viewed here .

On 27 January 2013 the first of the kittens, Rizla the grey & white boy went to his new home with Sharon and her family. I was sad and happy all in one. Then on 29 January 2013 two more of the kittens, the black & white boy named Oscar and the white girl named Mia went to their new homes with Stacey and family. They were to be joined by Jose later after she was spayed. Finally on 30 January 2013 the last kitten the little Tortie girl , Willow went to her new home with Heidi and her family. So then it was just Jose! Then on 4 February 2013 she was to go to the vets for her Spay operation. I took her and I said my goodbyes as she was to be picked up by Stacey and her family to join Oscar & Mia to recover from her op within her new home. I felt extreme sadness but also joy for all of them.

I have since had many updates on all of the babies and Jose and recently visited Rizla to Microchip him and then Jose, Oscar & Mia to chip them on 28 March 2013. This was one of the nicest things I have ever experienced in my life.

You can view the full album of Jose and the kittens from start to finish here


I received a call on 8 November 2012 from a lady who needed to find her dog a home fast. She also wanted someone she could trust and with her friend, Kieren following us and having her pet Microchipped by us, she felt we could help. Her poor little Son was ill in Addenbrookes Hospital and she had no-one to help with the dog at all. The fur was also making her Son more ill. At this time we were so full with our own two dogs (one recovering from his second operation) foster dog Saphy, Kittens & also a Pregnant Mother Cat as well as all the other cats and animals, I could not fit her in. So I contacted Sophie and she agreed to foster her for us until we could find her new loving home.

Shylo is a 9 Month old Blue Merle Border Collie. She is Vaccinated, Microchipped, Flead & Wormed and all her Paperwork comes with her. She was not Spayed when she arrived so we got busy raising the funds for this. She is very full on and energetic so she needed lovely walks and also games and toys to keep her active mind alert. We knew she was great with Children and other Dogs.

After Sophie & her family had had her a few days they knew they could not let her go. They thought long and hard and waited to see how she settled within the family home and then they decided they would adopt her forever! During the time she has been with Sophie she has come into her first season. The vet has recommended we wait for her to have this season and let everything settle down for around 10 -12 weeks before having her spayed with it being her first ever season so, we are looking at the end of January 2013 for this. The funds are now in place for this and she is happy and homed!! Another wonderful outcome :) Thank you to everyone who helped with Shylo's situation.

9, 7 week old Kittens

On 3 November 2012 after an urgent message, I picked up 9, 7 week old Kittens. They were pretty Greys, Blacks & Tabbies. My lovely fosterer, Allison took 6 & I had 3 here. They are all now in loving homes and settled apart from the one in the photo to the left. He cannot keep his food down. We have put him back onto milk for now and when the milk is warmed he seems to keep it down better but you can hear that his tummy is quite painful and he also gags. After speaking with my Vet, we have decided to see how he goes this week with the milk and a few soft biscuits. If by the end of the week he is no better then we will need to investigate further with X-Rays & tests. He is a lovely little boy and just wants lots of cuddles.

**Update** Unfortunately it was not meant to be for one little baby & he left us on 14 November 2012. RIP little guy xx


You may or may not have read Carrie's story on how she became to be with us on the Re-homes from the Past page. Carrie came to us with three kittens in September 2011. Her kittens are all in their homes happy and Carrie was very happy here with us, until in March this year she was attacked by 3 dogs at the back of where we live. After rushing her to the vets & her recovering she became extremely timid & scared of the resident dogs which, she never was before as they would never hurt her. This in turn has made her very timid. She did come to me but she was very wary & would not allow me to pick her up, which she did before the attack. Although she was happy in herself & was healthy, I believed she was really crying out for love & affection of her own where she was not with dogs. I knew after settling & careful nuturing Carrie would make a very loving wonderful companion but she would need time & patience. In September 2012 I received a wonderful email from a lady who was interested in giving Carrie all the above. We chatted & she came over to meet Carrie & fell in love with her. On 14 October 2012 Carries new owners came to pick her up. I felt very happy & excited for her but I also felt sad too as Carrie had been with us for some time & I was very fond of her, but it has to be about her. I have since heard Carrie has settled well & found her favourite place under the dining table. She found the stairs rather confusing (as we live in a Bungalow) but in the end up she went. Stay tuned for updates on her when I visit her to Microchip her!


Saphy arrived i July 2012 and belonged to a friend of mine who's marriage had split and the dog was left homeless. I have taken her in here with us & am slowly introducing her to our household which, will take sometime as there are a lot of us to meet!

She is wonderful. Very obedient & calm & loving. She loves our dogs & my Son & I. She has met the cats through a gate so far & whilst I have had hold of her. She wags her tail but listens to me as well. I am certain we will get there :)

Saphy went home back to her owner in September 2012


Rum has been with us since last Spring. He arrived here at 6 weeks old with a nasty Abcess on his neck. I took him straight over to Carol, who is expert on Rabbits & Guinea Pigs. While we were looking at it it burst!! Lots came out & over the next couple of days I gently eased the rest out & washed with salt water. We also gave him a course of Baytril. He recovered from this & has been absolutely fine ever since :) On 26 September 2012 a lovely lady called Jane came & picked him up. She only lived a couple of villages up. Jane has had Guinea Pigs since she was a small child & when she was ill her Mum used to bring her Guinea Pig in for her to cuddle to make her better! Jane also grows her own Veg so Rum is going to be totally spoilt & looked after with her I just know it! Stay tuned for an update on him in his new home.

Toffee, Sandy & Smokey

On 28 July 2012 I picked up 3 Guinea Pigs & a large hutch. The hutch was quite dirty but after scrapping it all out and putting the Pigs in a pen on the grass everyone was happy. My collegue Carol checked them over as she has worked with Guinea Pigs for many years & apart from the odd nick in the ears they were all in pretty good health. I moved them into a large enclosure with Gin the Rabbit who is quite a small rabbit & has lived with Guinea Pigs a few times. Also as long as you feed them Guinea Pig food, Rabbits are ok with this whilst I searched for a new home for them. I placed them on our Facebook Page & on 15 August a lady called Kirsty contacted me as she was interested in the boys. Kirsty had a Labrador & had had two Guinea Pigs & one had lived to over 8 years old! Sadly she had lost them both so she had room in her heart & garden for more. So, on 11 September 2012 Kirsty came & she picked all three boys up. I was over the moon about this. She is a lovely lady & I know these three boys will be very well cared for & loved.

Gypsy & Kittens Lola & Louis

On 23 July 2012 after receiving a telephone call I picked up a Mum Cat & two, 4 day old kittens. She had been left behind by her previous owners & the lady had seen her eating her Rabbits food. The next thing she found 2 little kittens in her Coal Shed, poor little Cat must have been desperate. I put them in the cat pen & left the kittens in there & covered it over with a duvet & left Mum to it for a little while. I returned to her & fed her & at this point I realised how lovely she was. Despite being thin her coat was glossy & her eyes were bright. She was also very affectionate & seemed grateful for some love, attention & food. My Son named her Whizzy. I could see the kittens were ok in the carrier & she was very protective of them so I left it until morning to check them. I couldnt wait to check them over. They were lovely plump fluffy little things, they still had their eyes shut at this point. Whizzy let me check them all & was so lovely. After posting their story & photos a friend of mine, Rachal got in contact & said she would love to come & meet Mum! After visiting she fell straight in love & agreed to wait until she was ready & then take her home to her other two cats & little boy. She also renamed her Gypsy. I continued to look after them & post photos & updates about them & a lovely lady called Joanne contacted me & said she would like to come & see the kittens. After visiting she & her friend had fallen in love. They agreed to have them when they were ready & named them Louis & Lola awww. They two now had a new home to go to! Meantime I could thoroughly enjoy the rest of their time knowing full well they had loving homes to go to afterwards. On 31 August 2012 Gypsy was Spayed & went home with Rachal. I bought the Kittens inside to the indoor playpen where they enjoyed playtime & house time until Joanne picked them up on 8 September 2012. Another great ending :) You can see all the photos from beginning to end on our Facebook page here and also hear updates on them all.

I thoroughly enjoyed looking after these, seeing them from start to finish for the first time ever. Watching & listening to their Mum teaching them everything & caring for them was wonderful.


I first took Rusty in as a youngster, before I had named him my friend had decided she would have him & another rabbit. She named him Buster & the other Brewster. We had already handled him regularly since he came here & when he went to his new home they too handled him and he was such a lovely tame bunny. Unfortunately, due to un-forseen circumstances my friend could no longer keep the boys. Also at this point they were starting to 'hump' one another so we knew it was time to part them. My friend new someone who could take Brewster so Buster came back to us in April 2012. The problem was we already had a Buster so, we decided to change his name to Rusty so it sounded similar! So now the hunt was on again to find this gorgeous bunny a fabulous new home. Rusty ended up staying with us for 5 months. During this time he was happy here, he liked the company of the other rabbits but the security of his own domain. He was still such a loving rabbit & his mane had grown too!

During September 2012 the lovely lady, Sharon who homed Woody & Buzz (featured below) said her friend was very interested in him. I have gotton to know Sharon since she took the boys & she has helped with several things including brilliant donations for the Tombola. I trusted Sharon on this one & so arranged for Tanya to come & meet Rusty. Of course they immediately fell in love with him, how couldn't you? They took him home with them. A few days later I received the photo to the left & he has been having lots of cuddles & grooming & has settled very happily :) Fantastic Hey?

Belle & Marley

On 10 August 2012 I received a message from a lady who had 2, 12 week old kittens that needed re-homing quite desperately. They were Belle and Marley. She had contacted other rescues but they had been unable to help her as she only had one week to find them a home. I asked her to send me photos of them and details and placed them on our Facebook page straight away. The next day on 11 August I received a call from Jodi about one of the kittens, Belle. She arranged to come and view her so I arranged for my friend Rachel to pick Belle up from her present owner. When Rachel arrived she realised how close the two kittens were and ended up bringing both to me. Jodi arrived with her Sister and Daughter. They immediately fell in love with both! This pleased Rachel and I as they deserved to go together so they could have each others comfort. Off they went with both :)

I have since received an update from Jodi and some photos which you can see to the left and they have changed their names to Mitzy and Lou-Lou awww :) Another great ending :)

Both of them playing in their new home with their new toy. Jodi said how happy they are and enjoying all the attention and having great fun together.

Maxi & Missi

On 7 August 2012 I received a message from a lady who needed some help re-homing her beloved cats. They were beautiful and very well cared for. The lady was devestated she had to let them go but had no choice. Their names were Maxi & Missi, Male & Female. They were already Neutered, Flead, Wormed, Microchipped, Vaccinated & Health checked by the lady. A very good friend of mine, Heidi who is also Animal Crazy decided to go and take a look at them. (I knew what would happen next) She took them home that day :)

Over the next week or so she introduced them to her household which includes Jude & Bear her German Shepherds, Beau her kitten (who I share on facebook), adult neutered male cat Bob, adult female spayed cat Bumble, adult female spayed cat Grumble & of course not forgetting her son and ever patient partner, Andy ( who adores the animals just as much as Heidi) :)


I am so pleased Heidi and her family took these two beautiful Cats on. They deserved a loving home and could not have asked for a better home and their previous owner can also rest knowing this :)

Buzz & Woody

Buzz & Woody came to me in February 2012. They had been very well cared for at their previous home but unfortunately, they could no longer keep them. They were both really lovely bunnies. Very friendly & playful & were only 10 months. After being together since birth they started to try to hump one another so I knew it was time to part them. I always kept them right next to one another so they could still lay & see one another all of the time as, I hoped one day we could put them together. Buzz was unduly neutered. My Son & I spent quite a bit of time with these boys as they were so nice to be around. They did not mind me holding them, especially Woody as he was right by the back gate so everyone visiting had to pass him & pet him.

In July 2012 I spoke with a lady who was looking to re-home two bunnies. I had the perfect pair for her. She came with her Husband & Son to view all the bunnies but did not really get further than these two! I showed her both could be held, told her all about them & she left to have a think. She contacted me almost immediately saying yes she would love them! She was going to purchase a double hutch & partition it off for the time being, get them a run each & then after settling in & vaccinations she would get Woody Neutered! Oh my goodness another perfect home has found these two boys :)

On 22 July 2012 Sharon & her family came & picked the boys up. I felt so happy for them but I also knew I would really miss those two as they were special. Sharon is in constant contact with me & both boys have settled well. They have had their vaccinations & Woody is now awaiting his Neutering. Sharon will then work on the process of introducing them back together. Im very excited at receiving updates on these two.


Bun was bought to me on 20 Jun 2012 by a friend of mine. She was only 3 months old & quite timid & scared. We popped her in her hutch & I set up a temporary run with toys, pipes etc & left her to it for now. Each time I went to feed her or even walked past she would dive under or in her hutch. I felt, as with all the previous Rabbits I have had, she would calm down. It was going to be a difficult task finding Bun a loving home as, unfortunately for her, she was Agouti in colour. For some reason not many people are keen on this colour as it is so wild like & when the rabbit is nervous as well this does sadly put people off. My own first ever rabbit as a child was this colour called Cuddles & he lived to 13 Years old!

Over the next 5 weeks I worked with Bun & put her on my site for her special home, there was not very much interest. She did not seem to come round at all. I sat in her run but she would not even look, or interact with me at all. I felt worried for her as she seemed so unhappy.

On 27 July 2012 a close collegue of mine Carol (as mentioned on home page) told me a friend of hers was looking for a friend for her neutered Lop Buck, Horace. He had recently lost his neutered female partner & was lonely, they would take her, introduce her to him & neuter her when it is time!! Wow what an awesome ending for her! Stay tuned for updates :)


On Sunday 8th July 2012, I recevied a call from a Gentleman asking if I could take his Labrador as he was unable to give him the care he required. The Gentleman actually found it difficult to say goodbye to him as he really cared for him and you could tell this from Alfie as I would find out. I arranged to pick Alfie up on 11 July 2012. On arrival I was greeted by the most gorgeous Chocolate Labrador! He bounded up to me & welcomed me in true Lab style! After asking all the relevent questions and finding all the information out about Alfie, we left. He was fantastic in the car all the way back to mine.

Up until now, Alfie had never been around cats at all, his previous owner could only tell me he barked at them when he saw them in the garden, he was however crate trained so this would make life slightly easier for me as, at that present time I had 4 adult cats & 3 kittens in the house. When we arrived home, I took him over the field straight away before taking him back and leading him in the house to his Crate (which I had already set up before getting him out of the car). His previous owner told me he had no bedding as he just immediately ripped it up. I thought I would put an old duvet in as it seemed a bit mean to leave him with nothing. He started to chew it immediately and after telling him rather a lot of times no, he did stop but when I put him to bed that night I got up in the morning to a ripped mess! Once I felt he was calm, I made sure all the cats were in the other rooms and I let him out into the house. He had a fab time! My Jack Russell, Barney adored him & Alfie adored my black Labrador, George. I had to be very careful with them though as George had his Cruciate Ligament operation 12 weeks previous & I was petrified he would hurt himself. Taking them all out together was fun! From the moment I moved the leads it was absolute chaos! Once they were eventually 'tacked up' off we went. I still do not really know who was taking who but we all managed it. We went over the field, through the studs & down to the local pond a few times where, Alfie loved to swim! Straight in her went, he loved it! George was just dying to go in but he got so far & backed out & Barney just stood at the side Yapping in true Jack Russell style. A few people gathered to watch, I am unsure if they thought it was great or if they thought I was crazy! Either way we all had fun. During our time spent together I found Alfie extremely responsive & Polite. He would sit, lie down, give required paws, wait, leave & sat at all roads only being asked once. He fetched the ball & immediately returned it & dropped it at my feet in true Retriever style. I could not fault this dog in any way, shape or form, he was a beautiful creature & I knew I had to find him the best of the best because that is what he deserved. I would have loved to have kept him more than anything but I had to be realistic, I already have two dogs of my own & a child & many other animals & it was very hard to walk them altogether on my own & he also deserved a family where he was the only dog & would receive full atttention & not only that as I said, George was still recovering.

I had quite a lot of interest & a few meetings but, no one could committ for various understandable reasons. Then along came Rebecca & David. I had known them both through our children going to the same school in the same year so, for at least 4 years as they went to pre-school together too. I asked them many many questions as I do but more so this time because I had actually fallen totally in love with Alfie during our time together. After answering my many questions with great patience I arranged to take Alfie round for a few hours on 19 July 2012. I dropped him off & I took his crate so he felt at home. When I opened the car door David's first words were, "Oh he is beautiful" out he jumped & went straight into the house to take a good look around. I stayed for about 5 minutes but I could clearly see I was not required lol! I felt happy when I left him. Later that day Rebecca contacted me & said we love him & we want to keep him! I was really happy for them all. I was also selfishly happy for us too as this meant we would get updates about Alfie constantly through the children & we could all meet at the park for walks! I went back to their house with the rest of Alfies items, bored them a little more with advice they didnt need & a few more questions & I left them to it!

It is very calm & quiet here tonight & I will be honest I do miss Alfie but he has what he deserves & this makes me happy & it also means I can do it again if ever I need to :) Do keep an eye out for updates on Alfie as i think there might be quite a few.

Four Kittens

On 29 June 2012 a fellow Rescue & Shelter, C.A.T.S Claws & Tails Rehoming & Rescue contacted me as they were, at that time full to the brim. Tina asked if I had any room for 4, 11 week old kittens. Luckily at this time I did. I drove to collect them from her. There were 2 males & 2 females.

Two very close friends of mine, Sandra & Sue had suffered the shocking loss of one of their cats, Dazzle. Sandra had said to me if I had a black kitten come in at anytime to let her know. One of the boys was all black & very fluffy. They came over & are both totally in love with JC (JetCat) & I recently went there to Chip him & he is so happy & spoilt! The 2nd kitten to find a new home was the other boy. A lady 10 doors up had lost her cat to old age. She had a neutered 5 year old boy & felt he was lonely, she came to look & she too fell in love & took the little boy. The 2 remaining girls remained here for another 2 weeks until I received a call from a lovely lady called Maria. She had recently lost her Black & white cat. She liked the kittens when she came to visit & off she went with both little girls.

All 4 are now happy and settled in their new homes.

Socks, Princess & 8 kittens

On 30 May 2012 I had bought into me, 2 female cats, each with 4 kittens. The kittens were in a good state of health visually, the Mums, Socks & Princess however were very thin, under nourished & had fur loss. These two Mums had done a fantastic job looking after their babies with little or no food for some 5 weeks.

Princess's kittens were approximately 7 weeks old & eating, drinking & using the litter tray so I separated them from her 24 hours after arrival. She had 3 females & 1 male.

Sock's kittens were approximately 5 weeks old on arrival so I kept them with her for another week before separating them from her, by this time they were eating, drinking & using the litter tray. She had 2 females & 2 males.

Whilst finding loving homes for the 8 kittens I fed the Mums kitten food to help build them up ready too be spayed.

All 8 kittens are now in their new loving homes as you can see by the pictures & I will do a 6 month check up too. Socks is now called Lilly & she lives with Sam her new owner & has been De-Flead, Wormed & Spayed. Princess now lives with my elderly neighbour, Dolcie who recently lost her cat to old age, she too has been De-Flead, Wormed & Spayed.

I have updated several times on our Facebook page about all of these babies with new photo's and will continue to do so, so do take a [email protected]@k :)



Carrie and her three kittens arrived with us on 23 September 2011. The lady who owned them had become very ill and was unable to care for them properly so she called us and we went over to collect them. They were already in an outdoor pen so I thought that would be easy for me to catch them. How wrong was I? They were wild!! They scratched me to bits but eventually Mum & kittens were safely in my carrier. I put them in our cat pen and over the next few weeks my Son and I spent a lot of time in there with them, playing, talking and feeding them and eventually they became quite tame. I wormed them and treated them for fleas and then I re-homed them. I told the potential owners the exact situation and explained they would need a lot of patience and time for them. One lady, Louise came for one kitten and left with two of them! Another lady came and took the other one. I have since heard from both people and all three kittens are settled and very much loved! I had Carrie spayed with the help of Cats Protection who were running a neutering campaign in my area at the time. I wormed and treated her for fleas. Unfortunately, on 27 March 2012 she was attacked by some dogs over the back of where we live, luckily i was outside at the time & heard the commotion. By shear luck I heard her scraping up the fence and somehow she made it to the top. I leaped two fences to reach her & I did. I rushed her straight to the vet. She had quite a few puncture wounds & one nasty one on her front leg she also was bleeding from her backside. The vet gave her pain killers & anti-biotics and I nursed her better & she is now fine apart from she has a slight limp, which you probably would not notice if you did not know & understandably she does not get on with our dogs now whom previously she did. These events have made Carrie very worried to approach anyone although you can clearly see she wants to. She never goes far and always comes when I call her. She is a lovely cat & before this attack was very affectionate which is why I feel she deserves to have the full attention of an owner that only has her. So Carrie is now looking for her forever home where she will be the only pet, please get in touch if you think that is you.


Leo's story is very close to my heart so I am going to share it with you. As a very young child growing up, I had a friend, Donna. They had various Pets at their house including Dogs, Cats, Kittens & Terrapins. I spent every moment I could at their house. I would join the family on their Sunday morning walk to the woods with the dogs. Donna lived with her Parents Sandra & Gary & Brother Darren & Sandras Parents, Donna's Nana & Grandad lived around the corner, they were lovely people and we would collect their dog Bunsi, on a Sunday morning too. So when Sandra called me in August 2011 to say her Mum had passed and Leo was left stranded, I had no hesitation in taking him in.

I had only just lost my beloved Flecks on the road the previous month so taking on Leo would keep my mind occupied. I cleaned the cat pen up ready for his arrival and Sandra bought him over on 12 August 2011 armed with lots of lovely cat meat!

Long ago I had a Ginger Male Cat called Carlsberg so, it was only a matter of days before I had become attached to Leo! So I bought him inside the house in the large Dog crate. I have introduced many cats over the years in this way. They have everything they need in the one place and are safe to just sit and watch what goes on in the house. This must have been a tricky task for Leo as he had come from a lovely quiet home with his elderly owner to complete madness of Cats, Dogs, children and more! Within a couple of days i opened the cage door and let him out. He soon settled in, first he checked out our Ragdoll cat Purdy and he soon got the dogs told and still does. His best friends are Purdy and my Son Hadleigh followed then by me. He is the most affectionate, adorable boy and we call him lovely Leo because that is what he is. You can see how happy he is tucked up in bed here with my son Hadleigh x


During May 2011 I received a call from a lady saying she had two 16 week old male kittens who desperately needed re-homing straight away. After discussing the situation with her, I agreed on the telephone to take them for her and within half hour they arrived with Patch & Smokey. After I had settled them into our Cat Pen I realised they were much older than 16 weeks, I would have guessed more like 6 months!

Over the following days I realised how lovely and affectionate these boys were and how like all the cats in the world, they deserved a loving home. I fed them, cuddled & fussed them, wormed and de-flead them and on 17 June 2011 I took them off to the vets to be neutered. Whilst they were recovering from their operation I placed them on my Facebook page explaining their situation and that they were looking for a forever loving home. A few days later an old school friend, Clare contacted me saying she was very interested! Although I had not seen Clare for many years, I had been in contact with her on Facebook and I had also worked with her Mother and known her since very early school years so, I prayed she would have them as this was the loving home they needed!

Clare came to visit them in their cat pen with her little girl and they immediately fell in love with them!

I was so happy! How lucky was this? They were going together to a loving home to someone I knew!

On 2 July 2011, Clare arrived with her cat carrier and took the boys home. She also had another cat at home already called Bob. It did not take long at all for Clare to settle them in and they all get along brilliantly! The boys are still in-seperable today and I think the picture on the left here at the bottom says it all! This photo was taken in May 2012, almost a year after they had moved in. A fantastic happy outcome for all :)


Rodney the Rat came to us in April 2011. He had been loved and well handled by his owner for over 3 years but, due to personal circumstances he was unable to keep him.

This was an unusual fostering for me as, I had never had a rat before, or even held one so Ill be really honest, I was a little nervous at first. With him came a book all about how to care for Rats which proved to be a huge help to me and I actually learnt quite a bit about them which made me have a completely different out look on them. Rodney was a great Rat to have your first meeting with. He was so lovely. He was gentle and he never ever bit. He loved company and being out of his cage.

Rodney was going to need a very loving owner who was going to get him out often and possibly be their only pet, they would also need to know he would not be with them for too much longer as Rats only live 2-4 years.

During July 2011 we did our Pet's Corner at the Ashley Village Fete. Amongst the many visitors was Rebecca. I had met her quite a few times at the school our Sons go to. She picked Rodney up and that was it she fell in love. She bought her Partner and Son over and they too loved him! She said she would love to have him.

Rebecca and Sam came round again in July to visit Rodney and handle him again to make absolutely certain they wanted to home him, which of course they did. In August 2011, I took Rodney to his new home. Over the next few days I kept in contact with them and he settled brilliantly. They purchased a bigger cage for him and they let him swim in the bath! See the photo to the left! They handled him and truly loved him which was so what he needed. Everyone was happy, another perfect outcome!

Sadly, in April 2012 Rodney died. Obviously they and I were devastated but we must all think to ourselves what a lovely life he had with them and he really did help me learn about and respect Rats, Thank you Rodney :)




During April 2010 I received a call from an old friend, Helen who I had worked with and gotton to know. She had two cats, Cleo & Wiggles and due to her un-forseen circumstances she could no longer keep them. She was very upset at this as she had had them for 3 years so she came to me because she knew me. She bought them over. What beautiful cats they were too. Wiggles was a fluffy grey girl, she was neutered and very very loving. Cleo was all black and more reserved and shy but still very friendly and also neutered. At the time of taking these two cats I only had two of my own, Fi-Fi & Flecks. These were both cats I had had from kittens a few years before from a friend, they were not re-homes. This made me decide I would keep Wiggles & Cleo so, I began introducing them. Wiggles could have been let out immediately, Cleo was again more reserved. Eventually they were both settled in and friends with everyone and Wiggles was one of the most loving cats I had met, However, during September 2010 I noticed she was being quite mean to Fi-Fi. She started terrorising her and eventually would not even let her in the garden. This could not be tolerated at all. I called Christine at Cataholics for advice. She suggested putting her in the cat pen and very kindly donated her old one to me. I put Wiggles in there as suggested whilst I enticed Fi-Fi back into the garden, but she was petrified and Wiggles was going crazy in the cat pen. After over two months of persistance things were worse than ever and I had to make the decision to re-home Wiggles. The one thing that helped me make the decision to re-home her other than what she was doing here was, because she was such an affectionate cat I thought she would really benefit from being the only pet in the household. I advertised her, giving details of the reason she was looking for a home and Debs & Geoff contacted me. I had never met them before but the second they walked through my gate I just knew these were the perfect people for Wiggles. We chatted and they cuddled her and very quickly fell in love with her and took her home.

Over the year and half I have had a couple of updates on her & photos and the one to the left at the bottom of this story is her this month! Another happy ending for her!

Cleo's ending Im afraid is not so happy. In August 2011 she was hit by a car and died immediately. We loved Cleo, she had settled into our home so well by this time. She loved us. She slept in the bed with me or in my drawers. She was still a very playful cat and I was utterly devastated at this second massive loss this year. We buried her up where my chickens are as she would spend hours up their waiting for mice to place on my bedroom floor. We miss her so much, but one thing I do know, her time here with us was very happy.


I first met Harley in June 2010. His owners had parted and the lady was finding it hard to cope with her three young children and Harley.

I went to the house to meet him the first time without my Labrador George. He greeted me lovely at the door in the normal excited way and he sat with me while I talked about him. He appeared to be quite edgy and nervous which I found unusual in a Labrador and he was quite underweight. I also doubted that he was a true Labrador but, I was corrected when the lady produced his paperwork confirming he definately was. He had been Neutered which I was extremely pleased about. I agreed to return the following day with George, my Labrador.

George and I returned the next day and Harley ran straight out into the front garden and he and George started sniffing one another and then running around the garden together as dopey Labs do! After seeing them together I decided that I would be able to take Harley for her. At this point I was unsure as to if I would keep him or not but, this decision did not need to be rushed anyway.

So in July 2010 we brought Harley home. He came with his own bed and toys so I placed all these with Georges so he felt at home. He settled well but he really was quite nervous and I also started to notice he was quite 'scatty' for want of a better word. I put him onto the same food as George and fed him the same amount. Over a month or so he gained a little weight and settled fairly well considering but, he could not get used to the cats. It was as if he was petrified of them and he was still nervous.

One day whilst my Son (then 5yrs) was playing in the garden. He went to pick up a dog toy as he always had with George and Harley snarled and growled at him. Now I understand this behaviour and had it happened to me, I would have dealt with it but, this was my child. This confirmed that our home was not suitable for Harley. At the same time I did not want to let this dog down as he clearly was un-happy and un-settled.

One evening not very long after the incident with the growling a very good friend of mine came over and he bought with him an old friend of mine, Claire. I had known Claire for many years but I had not seen her for quite a few. It was fantastic to see her and we soon got chatting and I told her all about Harley. She said she would take him on! What a stroke of luck. I had explained every detail to Claire and her situation was entirely different to my own. She had a 16 year old Son and a large house with a great enclosed garden. She only had one cat so we felt we may be able to overcome this as, I have quite a few!

In September 2010 I drove Harley over to Claire's house. I thought it best not to take George as this was completely about Harley. On the way I was filled with feelings of guilt as well as excitement for him. We went in the house and he was just like his normal self at that time. He seemed to settle to the point he has with us, so I left them to it. Over the next few months I popped around to see how they were getting on and a few times I took George with me. They would just go crazy in the back garden together. One time there was a knock at the door and it was Claire's neighbour. She said had we lost two black Labradors!! They had somehow managed to open the back gate. During these months, Harley changed. He started to put on weight and one evening when I visited I realised he was a completely different dog. He was calm and he looked happy. Jamie, Claire's Son adored him and he adored Jamie. He was truly happy and so was I.

Today Harley, Claire and Jamie still live together very happily. He is happy and healthy and loved. I will post a recent picture on here the very next time I visit him so keep an eye out for that :)



On 22 August 2007 a friend of mine at the time purchased a Ragdoll Cat and named her Purdy (born 27/04/2007). She was a good pet owner and prepared herself at the time for her and enjoyed her but, due to un-forseen circumstances she could no longer keep Purdy and so in May 2008 I took her on and ill be honest I was MORE than happy to do so, she was/is beautiful in looks and personality.

She settled in very quickly due to her laid back nature and she soon became friends with all the animals. Over the years as we have had more additions she has just taken it in her stride, she truly loves everyone but, her best friends are Leo and my Son, Hadleigh. She does some funny things like, sleeping in the cupboard or Rabbit hutches (see if you can spot her in the picture on the left), sitting on the toilet and carrying pens across the floor in her mouth. She rolls around with my Jack Russell, Barney and sleeps with him as well. We have had her 4 years now and feel absolutely honoured to own such a wonderful animal.

You may have read we offer Pets Corner for events and Fetes. We always take Purdy and she is always popular as she is on a harness and lead and you can hold her and pet her and she does not mind at all, she is perfect for this with her calm, laid back nature. If your not careful she will hop right in the car and come with you wherever you are going! I often have to put her in the house when we leave so as she does not try to follow, she also enjoys sunny days safely in the cat pen when its free to keep her safe from harm

Stay in touch with us if you would like to receive regular updates on what Purdy gets up to as she really is a wonderful character and of course any other pets you would like updates on.

You can contact us via email & we can then up date you this way, catch us at [email protected]


I cannot say too much about this situation as it was quite a while ago now and I like to keep information private but I will share with you what I can.

Ten years ago in November 2002 a very good friend of mine took me to someone he knew. There I was faced with these four cats. They were riddled with fleas & worms and their coats were dull and falling out. One of the cats, James had an injury to his eye. None of the cats had been Spayed or Neutered either. I left that house and I could think of nothing else. I persistantly pestered my friend to ask them to hand the cats over to me and somehow he managed to persuade them.

The day I collected the four cats I had arranged to take them all to the vets for all the required treatment they needed including Spaying and Neutering. I had no idea how I would pay for it at this point but I knew I would.

Whilst they were in the vets I printed lots of posters off explaining their situation and asking for small donations. I also rang Cats Protection who back then were in a position to help, they donated £50 and the rest I made from donations, in fact after the whole collection I was £45 over so I sent that back to the Cats Protection. Two lovely ladies came forward seperately, one was interested in Bandit and the other Tiny. They donated very nice amounts and took the cats on as their own. I got updates in the first stages and both cats settled well, unfortunately, through the years I lost contact with those ladies but I am certain both cats had great lives from then on. A good friend of mine took Jessie on. They call her Rattie. She has been spoilt rotten all her life. She lives with Fran, Simon, their Son Charlie and their lovely Dog. She is coming up for around 12 years old now and you can see her pictured left (to follow). James, who had the injury to his eye also suffered terribly from the allergic reaction he had developed from the fleas. He had patches on his back as raw as a piece of meat. I bought him home to mine. I kept the area clean and administered anti-biotics and after quite a long time he started to get better, the skin became pinker and eventually grew hair. His fur was never right and he was blind in the one eye, we will never know what that injury was.

James lived with me for a few years and recovered miraculously, however circumstances were about to change for me in 2004 so I contacted Linda from Ely Cats Protection and she found him a beautiful home with another cat called Smudge. They would be living with a lady and her elderly Mother so a definate lap there was a definate lap there for James. I have received updates through Linda over the years about how happy he was and well he was getting on and at age 12 he is still going strong :)

I have never forgotton any of these cats, they were the first four cats I rescued! But certainly not the last......... ;)

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