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Quotes Looking at that long list of animals you've helped absolutely astounds me Jo. You have done & continue to do such a wonderful thing. Without you these all of these babies wouldn't be the happy & loved cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs etc that they are now. It's thanks to you that I have my gorgeous little Lexi girl who has recently been spayed (everyone at the vets fell in love with her striking looks & sweet playful nature) & my brother wouldn't have his spoiled & pampered Leeloo. (Tosh & Nancy) Thank you for everything you do. It was an honour to help such a worthy cause & I'll have to put my thinking cap on to see how I can help this year! The best news ever for me was that I saw Nifty the other day & he looks so big, fluffy & well & that's down to you as well. I have no doubt that without your help he wouldn't have made it. Xx Quotes
Nicola Collins
Rescue follower and Mum of Tosh & Nancy

Quotes The website looks great. One person can and has made a difference. Without people like you some if not all of these animals would be without loving homes or living rough on the streets breeding. You should be very, very proud. Its hard at times I know but when your having a tough time look at these pictures of all the animals you have helped, it makes all the hard work worthwhile. On top of this you allowed me to re-home Cocoa and Jasmine and for that I am forever Grateul :) Quotes
Jo Cant
Rescue Follower & Mum to Jasmie & Cocoa

Quotes No matter where you go in this Country, I don't think you will find a better, caring, knowledgeable, animal loving person than Jo. She had my cat Socks for me at very short notice, and I could not be happier than I was with her. Certainly should the need arise, I shall use her services again. Quotes
John Tarlton-Ward
Very Satisfied Customer

Quotes Jo is one of the most caring people i know and when it comes to animals so will do anything to help. I rang Jo in tears desperate for some advise about a situation with my two little dogs. Jo listened and gave me some brilliant advise and even contacted me a few days later to see how i was. this was about 6 months ago, but this Sunday just gone (2/12/12) i was back on the phone needing her help urgently. Now this was a Sunday mind you and i woke her up, but straight away Jo was on the case. I do not wish to go into detail about my situation but by Tuesday my special little boys (my dogs) were in their new foster home. Jo and her friends (SOS dog rescue) are amazing and i can not thank them enough for their help. Jo is an inspirational women and i owe her a BIG favour!!!! Quotes
Sarah Pethick

Quotes Jo does a fantastic job she's always ready to help.we have now got 3 kittens from her they're all beautiful friendly house trained cats thanks to jo and she is looking for a suitable small dog for us as well. Quotes
Tanya clifford
Animal crazy

Quotes In July of this year I lost my gorgeous 18 year old puss cat Harvey and was heartbroken beyond words. Coming home to a quiet and empty house was not what I had been used to and I missed having little furry feet around the place. In late July/early August I came across Animal Craziness on Facebook. I was browsing through all the lovely cats and kittens looking for their forever homes with really no intention of having another cat so soon...that was until I saw Paddy (now called Benson) a gorgeous black and white feral kitten who was looking for his forever home. Needless to say I was absolutely smitten with his mischievous little face as he was clutching his toy mouse and there the journey began! Literally one week later a photo of another gorgeous black and white kitten appeared Kush (now called Dexter) and again I fell in love. Jo does a remarkable job...she is caring, knowledgeable and her love for each and every animal is paramount and endless...she is one amazing lady! Quotes
Mum to Benson & Dexter (aka Paddy & Kush)

Quotes I have been lucky enough to make Jo's acquaintance and to see first hand the wonderful work that she does. When you meet Jo the first thing that you notice is the genuine love & caring she has for all these unwanted babies. She deserves all the praise & help that she can possibly be given as both she & her lovely little boy Hadleigh work tirelessly to treat & home the gorgeous animals that she has, often at the expense of their family life. I would urge anyone who is looking for a cat, rabbit or a dog to speak to Jo & go and see her babies (and her lovely adult animals). You're bound to find one (or more) that you just fall in love with. Thank you Jo for everything that you do, I just wish there were more people like you :-) Quotes

Quotes Jo is one of the warmest, kindest and most compassionate people I know, the work she carries out is tireless and without compaint, her friends and animals are lucky to have her. She has become a true friend through our love of and work with animals. Quotes
Zoe Thorne
Pet business owner and friend

Quotes Fizz is the second kitten i have re-homed from Jo. The first being Oreo a year ago. I really don't think you could find someone more animal loving than Jo, she truly puts all her heart and soul into her work. She also looks after my dog Razzle when i go away sometimes and i really wouldn't wish to leave him with anyone else. AN AMAZING WOMAN xxx Quotes
Sherri Fordham

Quotes I've been following your and Joanne's blogs since news of her sokrte updates of her recovery has been the topic of many of my conversations with my group of Bible Study ladies as well as my family.Seeing this post today about what she's having to do one-handed really hit home as our family went to see Soul Surfer this afternoon. Obviously, hitting the theater is probably not top priority for y'all right now, but oh my, does Bethany Hamilton's story and courage inspire, from simply learning to put a bikini top on one-handed to going on to pursue her dreams of being a professional surfer. In the same way, what an inspiration to us all is Joanne and I truly believe, this is only the beginning .. Quotes
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